Uhuru Kenyatta Son of Kenya’s First President Makes History As the Youngest Elected President in Kenya

Uhuru Kenyatta, one of Kenya’s richest men and the son of Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta, has won the presidential election despite facing charges by the International Criminal Court of financing post-electoral violence in 2007…Uhuru Kenyatta makes history by becoming the East African nation’s youngest president (he’s 51) and the first son of a president to take power in a competitive election in East and Central Africa. Kenyatta won 50.07% of the total votes cast, in comparison to his closest rival, incumbent Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who pulled 43% of the votes. Under Kenyan law, the winning candidate is required to win at least 50% of the total vote in order to avoid a second round runoff…Shortly after Isaack Hassan, the chairman ofKenya[/entity]’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, made the announcement on Saturday, an elated Kenyatta publicly thanked the country for electing him as the country’s new leader and promised to work for the benefit of everyone.[/entity]…“We celebrate the triumph of democracy; the triumph of peace; the triumph of nationhood,” Kenyatta said. “Despite the misgivings of many in the world, we demonstrated a level of political maturity that surpassed expectations.”…But while the wealthy Kenyatta enjoys a strong and favorable following, particularly among Kenya’s young population, Kenyatta’s victory is likely to upset international powers, because the International Criminal Court (ICC) has indicted him for instigating and financing violence in the aftermath of the presidential elections of 2007. Prime Minister Raila Odinga accused the government at the time of rigging the vote and this prompted widespread violence in which over 1,200 were killed and several other thousands displaced. Kenyatta denies any wrongdoing…” READ MORE 

Most of the western countries if they really have any other opinion apart from what we really believe in, they have to change it because the will of Kenyans have been decided today. What Kenyans say is what they have to respect

2013: ReClaiming : All around the world nations are declaring their sovereignty from outside interference in national affairs. It seems Prime Minister Raila Odinga has either not learned a lesson from the violence his allegations of election rigging put Kenyans through the last time or he is just a soar loser. It is also possible that he does truly have the Kenyan people’s interest at heart in wanting a nation with honest and fair elections. All around the world and in particularly in Africa, the youth movement is rising in deciding the leadership of the future because they are sick and tired of being sick and tired of being under the chains of old – that many African generations of old refuse to release and unlock for the future to flourish on their own merits and ability

Kenya like Ghana will now go through the democratic court process in contesting the results of an election if Prime Minister Raila Odinga follows through on his contest. This is how democracy should work because no one in the world should be naive to think election fraud is exclusively an African problem nor should we think that because it is an African election that there is fraud. Let the courts of the nations decide and let the people move Forward in Peace! The Kenyattas’ and Odingas’ history goes way deeper than just the interest of the Kenyan people; it is two sons of the revolution with a seemingly sense of entitlement decades later defending their father’s honor and trying to get one upsmanship on a battle between two former friends turned rivals. For the sake of the people of Kenya and their future. I hope this is truly a new beginning in Kenya living up to the potential that it has been gradually showing the world it has an immense amount of- be it in the tech sector or entrepreneurial sectors. Let’s hope Uhuru will live up to the name his father used as his battle cry and offered up to Kenya in the flesh of his son as he allows Kenyans the everlasting unwavering FREEDOM that they deserve!

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