The Beautiful Game and Its Deepening Scar of Racism: AC Milan VP uses racist term for player Mario Balotelli

& So it continues- all around the world same song. Mario Balotelli AKA Super Mario is no stranger to racism, particularly from his fellow Italians who have made it well known throughout the world that he will never be one of them no matter what his citizenship papers say. As fans in Italy has shouted in many games “There are no Black Italians“!  This is nothing new to Italy nor its Black players. Just recently Balotelli’s AC Milan teammate also of Ghanaian descent,  Kevin Prince Boateng had to walk off the pitch to protest racist chants against him and now his own boss/owner is leading the chants. It seems racism and the beautiful game go hand and hand, incident after incident, news story after news story, documentary after documentary- It is the fabric of the human beings who own this cancer by which they infect the fabric of all of our lives – in the work place, in our homes in our sports and in our day to day lives just trying to get by in the pursuit of our happiness which they aim to steal by any means necessary. For some reason some feel European Racism is more blatant because they have never experienced a civil rights movement, but many forget that they have experienced the Holocaust and were the leaders of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and colonialism with all their aftermaths– so what gives in such an ignorant excuse to not face their uncomfortable truth? This is why as we celebrate Black History month– we must not forget the collective history and the collective struggle of  Black people worldwide!

I had a friend tell me just last night of her employer using racist terms in the form of so called jokes that are clearly offensive on a continuous basis in the company of his employees who represent many of the minority demographics that he chooses to joke about with no one ever saying anything to said employer about his offensiveness. At what point are we all responsible to nip this foolishness out of our society with a no tolerance policy? What if all the Black players at the very least and those non-Black players who do not tolerate this type of bigotry in their lives stood up against this in a symbolic moment of silence in turning their backs on their boss, or at most refuse to play until he acknowledges his wrong and apologizes for it? After all without any players the game can not go on and millions to billions can not be made-right? At what point does our dignity come before our jobs? So many people will stand and say it is not worth even addressing people with this mindset because they will not change or that we have become too overly sensitive to racism, general prejudice and bigotry that we can’t even joke with one another anymore without making a federal case of it. Well in many nations this type of talk became a federal case because when it didn’t get checked we got people like Hitler, and nations of followers who saw their fellow human being as less than human enough to be able to burn them, enslave them and beat them to death with no remorse. It takes that 1 person to make a change igniting a spark for the moment,  but collectively we can make a lasting change for the future and for life!

I personally have a zero tolerance policy because it is never OK and by not saying anything for far too many is a sign of approval and condoning. No one should be tormented and subjected to hostility in their their lives and particularly in their workplace. With so many issues of racism in Football whereby FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association ) with Sepp Blatter as its leader pretty much had to be forced to accept that there is racism at all, let alone agreeing to finally enact laws to punish and prevent the behavior to show human beings how to behave toward their fellow human beings in this day and age. Although much of the world has lost its privacy with social media, the advancement in technology and ubiquitous video tapping, we must be thankful for it because in these instances racists have no where to hide anymore because as the late great Robert Nester Marley who happens to celebrate his birthday today said “Every man thinks his burden is the heaviest, who feels it knows it not, but you can’t run away from yourself” or the video. If we can’t expect a moral compass and high ground from the leadership at the very top how can we expect it from the every day fan? The idea alone that players are purchased and sold to team owners conjures up images of the trans-atlantic slave trade with the same buyers and sellers in charge of selling and buying the same commodity. This in of itself  shows that it will be a long time coming to see any type of change in a level playing field, so as much as I would love to see this utopia of us finding our humanity, I don’t see it ever happening by design.

During a political rally, Paolo Berlusconi referred to one of his players, Mario Balotelli, by using the “N” word…”OK, we are all off to see the family’s little [slur],” Berlusconi can be heard saying in a video of the event. “He’s a crazy head. All the young ladies are invited as well – you can even have a chance to meet the president [Silvio Berlusconi].”…Britain’s The Independent reports: “The comments come at a sensitive time for the club and Italian football, with Milan midfielder Kevin Prince-Boateng recently staging a walk-off in a friendly match after being racially abused by a section of supporters. Boateng’s actions won praise from Berlusconi senior. “Paolo Berlusconi was attending a rally for a candidate for his brother’s right-wing People of Freedom party when he made the comments. …”A spokesman for the Serie A club said today there would be no comment from AC Milan regarding the video.”…”When the deal — worth around $31 million — to bring Balotelli to AC was announced last week, La Stampa estimated the signing of ‘Super Mario’ could be worth 400,000 votes in Silvio Berlusconi’s bid for re-election in Italy later this month…”While the incident could damage Berlusconi’s image abroad, Foot doubted it would affect his popularity in Italy…”‘His reputation abroad is pretty appalling anyway,’ added Foot. ‘There hasn’t been a debate in Italy about racist language. For a long time they used to use words to describe immigrants which were absolutely racist….”‘It is something I don’t think will have an impact on Berlusconi domestically.‘” READ MORE

ROME (AP) — Silvio Berlusconi’s brother, vice president of AC Milan, the team owned by the media mogul, has sparked criticism by using a racist term to refer to the team’s new star acquisition, Mario Balotelli, an Italian of African descent.

Paolo Berlusconi, who also runs the family newspaper, Il Giornale, made the comment Sunday at a campaign rally in Milan. In a much-viewed video clip, he tells supporters as he heads to Milan’s stadium: “Now, let’s go see the family’s little black boy, the hot head,” using a pejorative term for black people.

Ex-premier Berlusconi on Monday denied his recent purchase of Balotelli from Manchester City was designed to boost popularity with voters in national elections later this month. (Copyright 2013 The Associated Press.)

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