Spring 2013 Spring Hauteness: Globalization of Fashion

Spring 2013 is here to celebrate the global traveler in all of us, where everything goes and it is up to us to explore all that the world has to offer all of our senses. From spicy and savory tastes, to pungent and sweet floral scents, to the soft touch of buttery leather, to the intricately blinding bursts of color from exotic and familiar places- be prepared for a yummy sensory overload! Take the opportunity to explore your inner child as you throw your crayola box in the air and pick what ever colors that fall in your hands first to paint the masterpiece that is you. Be bold in African prints, be demure in pastels, be a lady in fancy lace, be a rock star in leather, be wild in abstract and animal prints, but most of all be the you that you have always wanted to show the world!

From Black and white fusions to global prints, to shades of denim, to exploring both the feminine and masculine, to pastel and bold colors- everything goes and is on trend. I call it the season of the global fusionists- exploring prints, florals and colors that span the globe in creativity, where your choice of dress can take you from the vibrant streets of Africa’s cities to the seas of coastal resorts of mediterranean, to the yacht clubs of the Hamptons. Your wardrobe for Spring 2013 should be fully loaded for your local “staycation” or your global explorations. Spring Back into step to the True You! 2013: ReClaiming your better more fulfilled self in fashion and life as a true Product of Global Fusion!

 “Simply blown away by all the African-inspired details in Tory Burch‘s spring collection. With fabrics from Guinea, jewelry from Ghana, slippers from Morocco, and elements from all over the world, the Tory girl is anAmerican globetrotter. And the soft and messy pulled-apart fishtail braids? Right up our alley …READ MORE 

With the head wrap trend it’s never been easier to get up and go in a stylish way! We’ve seen these fashionable accessories before but they’re not going away and these designers know how to keep it coming strong! Check out several great ways to rock a head wrap by some of our favorite designers including Marc Jacobs and Dolce & Gabbana…” READ MORE


From brights to black and whites, the well-lined to luxe hides, see all of the season’s top trends from New York’s runways. Plus, stay up to date on Spring 2013’s best looks…”  READ MORE 


It seems like walking the line is the big thing to do for next spring, with designers galore showing stripes. Thick or skinny, horizontal or vertical, it’s a trend to watch...” READ MORE

After Fall’s more-is-more opulence, the industry reversed itself for Spring. And the antidote to all that gilt brocade and bejeweled embellishment? It doesn’t get any more back-to-basics than black and white, which quickly emerged as one of the season’s big themes. But it wasn’t all so cut-and-dried. The other trends you’ll be buying into in the coming months: peekaboo veiling, couture ruffles, and new riffs on the kimono.” READ MORE

According to Bill Cunningham of New York Times’s ” On The Streets” Report -The Spring 2013 Paris Shows evoked the new “globalization of fashion -the dream world”,  where all cultural identities can coexist cohesively all over the world because there are no more rules -you put it together as you wish. #OurAuthenticSelves #Mixers

FOR THE MEN: It’s the return of the Man! No sagging  allowed- just the dapper, chic and sophisticated man that can rock tailored looks  and is not afraid to to explore his inner country club prepster with pocket squares, cool bow ties, striped button downs, cool vests shades of khaki, bold colors and prints with ever so fine footwear! For them the shoe game is always where the hautness begins !

 As the weather begins to verge tentatively into double digits you’re going to want to update your wardrobe with a selection of items that will thaw out your current freeze-friendly attire. Hitting the shops? Here GQ brings you the top season essentials to look out for, complete with a selection of personal tip-offs from the team…READ MORE 


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