Our Palm Oil Is Not Adulterated: Ghana Market Women Fighting For Livelihood and Industrial Legacy

All around the world we need to get serious about the job of our FDA to protect its citizens from tainted food sources. These past weeks have been a food consumption scarefest from scientific researchers and FDA heads alike warning about processed meats, fruits, vegetables and milk in the USA being cancer causing and now Palm oil in Ghana. Where can we go to eat safely? The irresponsible way in which this information is being circulated and the lack of responsibility by the FDA in acceptance that they are failing their citizens all over the world in lack of inspections and regulations should be an international discussion. Most of these foods in their natural forms are not carcinogenic, but the the lack of due diligence by the FDA and greed of manufacturers and producers to put profit over the health of human beings is the deplorable state that we are in all over the world. Human beings can not do without food and just saying we are not going to buy or consume these things have a larger effect on jobs and the global economy that effects us all and should not be overlooked.

With the economy all over the world in dire straits why would you want to further put yourself in the hole by completely destroying your own business especially in Ghana where many are suffering the most? Palm oil is now even in high demand in “Non international” super markets in the West because just a few years ago Doctors like Dr. Oz with national and international platforms were tauting palm oil as the “miracle oil” and international chefs have been introducing the world to cooking delicious foods with palm oil and its many health benefits. Instead of capitalizing on this global demand to build up the local economy, some are rather corrupting the product and setting everyone back before they even have the chance to fully exploit the global marketing that has already been done for a homegrown product to soar globally, while creating more jobs locally with its exportation. Some are fighting for food sovereignty from GMO corporations while others are bastardizing traditional organic foods because of greed and non-sensical beliefs. Where are the thinking people with vision in Ghana? The market women should work closely and forcibly with the FDA to stomp out those enemies of progress who are about to kill a centuries old business, if this is not taken seriously and rectified immediately! Stop the incessant politics talk and start doing the job of the people so that everyone can see a greater Ghana and world.

I love food and do my best to eat as healthy as possible and I expect the FDA to do its tax payer rewarded job in enforcing regulations to make sure that manufactures and producers are not tainting our food sources and putting our health and life in danger! Just giving us a warning that our food sources have been tainted with carcinogens alone says that they have not done their jobs well, but not having any real plan of action in the place to eradicate the tainted product and to make sure that no future production is tainted shows that more competent people need to be brought in who taxpayers can trust to do the job that they are paying for.


The Reality is People Are Pushed to Poverty. The Original State of Human Beings is Not Poverty. In the Amazon, people aren’t poor in the sense they are not deprived, they have their food, they have fresh water, they have rich culture, they have medicine, their own medicinal plants. Poverty is created first by grabbing the resources of the people. Africa- a continent whose poverty is deeply linked to the appropriation of land historically and today the biggest land grab taking place in history is creating new poor people. We are living in times where the new wealth is highly concentrated in a few people’s hands and there is a new language of oligarchy emerging- the hand full of new oligarchs who’ve made it to the ten top billionaire grab the land of the people, benefited from the privatization of electricity so poor people have lost access to electricity- so the rich are getting richer the poor are getting poorer- it’s totally interconnected because if water is privatized of course 1 company makes more wealth but people get cholera because they lost their access to drinking water. If seed is patented and privatized 1/4 million Indian farmers commit suicide all related to debt, all related to mechanisms of creating wealth by taking away the commons of the people…” Vandana Shiva, Indian activist, environmentalist and scientist” – See more

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