NEW YORK CITY’S SHOE THROWING REPORTER: Mayor Bloomberg gets the Hugo Chavez comparison question

I was so glad that that reporter threw her stiletto in a form of a hard hitting local/global question that made a leader duck as quickly as he could. She called Mayor Bloomberg out on the fact his desire to override term limits is no different than Hugo Chavez –”the so called enemy” or anyone else who seeks any long term power beyond what the people & laws have allotted, especially with out the people’s vote & choice.  The biggest irony of it all is that the so called “enemy” who is supposed to be against democracy, actually allowed the people  a referendum on their future- the vote, the choice- the dictatorship,  the socialist, the democracy? I don’t know Mayor Bloomberg, I am getting confused! You can go by mayor, president, prime minister, Rabbi, Pope, Emam, dictator, king, czar, or whatever -it’s all the same, just different cloth, different faces, different currency, different levels, different places!

As much as I think Bloomberg is a great philanthropist & can possibly be good for New York City in a 3rd term if he would accept some responsibility in the fact that he knew that the people wanted a vote & he could have warded it to them, but he chose the easier, most self beneficial way.  I may attempt to vote for him if he stood up & just said –there’s a crisis –I am about to spend whatever millions of dollars on a campaign to buy me an election, so why not make a deal to put it directly toward schools, housing, health care, jobs- things that are necessary during these crisis periods. Let the people just vote on that & focus on utilizing wealth for the necessities of the people! I question how he seems to get an automatic pass by some, as he is touts the same “business skills & know how”, as the say all in a time of economic crisis; while the crisis came on his watch, as the mayor of a city which is/was the national/global financial hub- with the most benefit  & cause of the the crisis by an industry that he is well invested in & touts his expertise in.  I mean, I don’t know –is that not a fair question that should warrant an explanation to let the people know what will be so different this time around. Flipping from party to party does not automatically recreate  & absolve you of  past actions.

Bloomberg’s flippancy in disregard for the leader of another nation & suggesting that he is somehow better or above- based on his “suspicion” of what Hugo Chavez does, because he at least held a press conference & allowed questions is beyond me & exactly why we have such issues in fare global diplomacy & basic respect for one another as human beings. The one honor that any human being commands is respect;  The absence of respect is when we cross the line of our common humanity. What’s the difference if you allow the question, but dismiss it & don’t answer it, as opposed to not allowing the question to be asked at all? No one should be above reproach in responsibility for their actions & actions speak louder than words! Bloomberg was obviously uncomfortable with the question & I believe that he could see the comparison & wanted to get as far way from it as possible. He even went down the path toward ignorance to exude laughter at the expense of a fellow world leader, dubbed “the enemy” for those who only know him from ignorant sound bites ending with “I don’t know, whatever he does…..I can’t stand to see the comparison”!   Mayor Bloomberg, at least speak on what you know & be careful that you are not spreading the same type of ignorant Xenophobia based on “Suspicion” which you say Chavez represents! Bloomberg could never take the responsibility of acknowledging the comparison because then he would have to face his conscious to see if democracy can be possible & had, without the full vote & consent of the people to grant anyone continuous power beyond the limits set, at any level?  Especially when Bloomberg contests the same actions his “suspicion” of Chavez would lead him to believe ,even though Chavez actually gave the people a vote! Maybe he couldn’t possibly face the fact that his actions & desire for power could be beneath Chavez?!  Some may choose to not utilize their choice, but no one would want to be without that choice!  Yes Mayor, we know you couldn’t stand to see the connection, but just hypothetically explain to people why the comparisons are there -much like O.J’S  book “If I did It” ! Your actions & face said it all!