Marvin Gaye (April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984): Remembering Marvin In Ostend, Beligum

Marvin Gaye was born as Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr. – undeniably one of the greatest musicians of all time by any local or global standards. Marvin Gaye put the soul in music bathed in a spiritual purification and awakening, as well as pure unadulterated ecstasy – sometimes all at the same time! Yes, this was and is Marvin Gaye – a soul-filled G.O.A.T(greatest of all time) who left us much too soon. As we celebrate and remember him today the day of his birth in 1939 and mourn his passing on April 1, 1984a day before his 45th birthday; I watch the documentary film made on his time in Ostend. The time he spent in Ostend, Belgium has always fascinated me because it was his rebirth on so many levels from his tax demons, to his own self imposed demons of women, drugs and alcohol addictions and the general burn out that he felt from his life and lifeline -that thing he did so well called music. The Ostend period allowed him the peace and fortitude to solidly claim and forever leave his legacy with generations knowing that yes, the great Marvin Gaye was here!

If you want to know the heights of  Marvin’s love for  God and woman and child it is in the “you’re all I need to get by” spirit shared through Method Man & Mary J. Blige for the next generation to see a higher height of seeing their soul!  All you have to do is listen to Tammi Terell and Marvin Gaye’s acapella of  “If this world were mine”  in its mutual I see God in you reflection, and ride that deep rooted reconcilable passionate kind of hopeful love, to the stripped down countdown to love in hopeless places in that same deep rooted irreconcilable passionate kind of hopeless love of  “Let’s Get It On”…The period made possible by his Ostend years, his rebirth in a large sense of an anointing of his sins by kicking his demons -the baptismal period when he let himself go all over “Let’s Get On“. This was the reconciliation of flesh and soul, yet another one of those songs that takes you to that higher power from the sprit soul of church, to the spirit flesh of mortal indulgences –  with a quick spin to deliverance and reconciliation in “God is Love”  and  ” If I should die tonight“…Yes that’s the Soul of music, which few and far between can deliver the world to in that higher power! From the words and “Black eyes” of Marvin Gaye in the Ostend years, I was able to see  and understand clerical celibacy and the heights of the love role of women in a that which one holds the most high and sacrifices the most for is often times made the most irrelevant in one’s life by convenience and proxy. The Ostend years are what I call Marvin Gaye‘s global fusion years because global fusion is not about the amount of stamps in your passport, but more-so about really living, breathing and being at peace  and oneness amongst one another globally and locally on many levels of artistic creativity and global movements constructed first and foremost by our shared humanness! #SoulMusic #WeaponofChoice #MusicIsAWeapon #NoBorders

Richard Olivier’s Marvin Gaye: Transit Ostend, a documentary made of Gaye’s time there shows him soberly revelling in the incongruity of his surroundings, staring out over the grey waters as if they were an aquatic mirror of his melancholy, strolling along the King Albert I promenade where he took an apartment, singing the Lord’s Prayer inside a church, even visiting a fisherman’s bar (long since torn down) and attempting to play darts with the locals. Gaye talked of Ostend in terms of a retreat, a penance – two years earlier, he had attempted suicide by cocaine overdose in Hawaii. In Ostend, however, he professed to be living a cleaner, even monastic life, purging his past sins with plenty of jogging, sea air and even forsaking sex…” READ MORE

I am here in Ostend for many reasons.This town ostend is a beautiful little city. it’s a beat back in tempo from Paris or London, or New York or Los Angeles, perhaps two beats back. The people here are the same primarily as people are all over the world from my Black eyes. I can accept anything past prejudice,and tolerance is very acceptable for me. I think that the people here of the mind and of the attitude that if you are human and that if you are decent and good, and respectable then you are okay with them. That is the opinion I get of people of Ostend…An artist if he is truly an artist is interested in one thing and that is to wake up the minds of men. To have mankind and womenkind realize that there is something greater than what we see on the surface…I am an orphan at the moment and Ostend is my orphanage. I am in a sense. At this particular time there are places I would probably rather be, but I probably need to be here, I think I do and that is why I stay…I like music that makes me cry, I like sad music, I like Gypsy music and Russian music, but I like like Jazz and symphonic music, I like Music!

Do I love women? I love women but I hate womenkind. I am not being rundown by millions of women, but I find that it’s still quite easy for me to become involved. I find it even alarming at this stage and I need to be free of the attachment and the attraction for awhile…so that is one of the reasons that I am staying in Ostend, that is not to say there aren’t a lot of beautiful women around, but I find that my will is stronger. Perhaps if I were strong enough to become a monk or a priest -a very devout one. I would feel that part of my salvation would be that I become free from the attachment of womenkind. People say that I am a sex symbol and that’s okay,  you know it’s how I conduct myself- if I let that sort of thing go to my head I would go all crazy and bananas and I guess I would believe it but I’d be awfully tired too.” Marvin Gaye on womenkind



I hope to refine music, study it, try to find some area that I can unlock. I don’t quite know how to explain it but it’s there. These can’t be the only notes in the world, there’s got to be other notes some place, in some dimension, between the crack.” – MARVIN GAYE- American


Politically speaking I am disappointed in governments… To govern people is a tremendous responsibility -it should only be in the hands of those who are righteous and sane, decent and moral. I am disappointed in myself I think because firstly I am disappointed in myself about a few things, perhaps I am disappointed with America because perhaps I am selfish a little, or perhaps I am spoiled or perhaps a lot of things, but I am being honest with you – Yes I am disappointed but I am still an American- It’s the only home I know so it is my home


Let’s Get It On is the sixteenth album by Marvin Gaye, published in 1973. ENJOY!

Tracklist DISC 1

1- Let’s Get It On (Album Version) 4:50
2- Please Stay (Once You Go Away) (Album Version) 3:30
3- If I Should Die Tonight (Album Version)3:59
4- Keep Gettin’ It On 3:15
5- Come Get To This (Album Version) 2:40
6- Distant Lover (Album Version) 4:16
7- You Sure Love To Ball (Album Version) 4:44
8- Just To Keep You Satisfied (Album Version) 4:30
9- ‘Song #3’ 5:28
10- My Love Is Growing 4:20
11- Cakes 3:14
12- Symphony (Undubbed Version) 2:51
13- I’d Give My Life For You 3:29
14- I Love You Secretly The Miracles 4:18
15- You’re The Man (Alternate Version 1)7:24
16- You’re The Man (Alternate Version 2)
17- Symphony (Demo) Marvin Gaye

DISC 2 :

1- Let’s Get It On (Demo) Marvin Gaye 5:12
2- Let’s Get It On – Part II – A.K.A. Keep Gettin’ It On 3:13
3- Please Stay (Once You Go Away) (Alternate Mix) 3:52
4- If I Should Die Tonight (Demo) 4:13
5- Come Get To This (Alternate Mix) Marvin Gaye 3:07
6- Distant Lover (Alternate Mix) Marvin Gaye 4:32
7- You Sure Love To Ball (Alternate Mix W/ Alternate Vocal) Marvin Gaye 5:06
8- Just To Keep You Satisfied (A Cappella W/ Alternative Vocal) Marvin Gaye 4:38
9- Just To Keep You Satisfied (Original Single Mix) 4:00
10- Just To Keep You Satisfied The Monitors 3:10
11- Where Are We Going? 3:56
12- The World Is Rated X 3:52
13- I’m Gonna Give You Respect Marvin Gaye 2:56
14- Try It, You’ll Like It Marvin Gaye 3:57
15- You Are That Special One Marvin Gaye 3:38
16- We Can Make It Baby Marvin Gaye 3:22
17- Running From Love ((Instrumental) – Version 1) 3:47
18- Mandota Marvin Gaye 3:26
19- Running From Love ((Instrumental) – Version 2) 3:54
20- Come Get To This (Live From Oakland) 3:00

Documentary into making of “Transit Ostend”, Marvin Gaye’s 1981 documentary prior to the beginning of his two-day Belgium tour that year and documenting the final three years of his life. Directed by Richard Olivier.