Lilakoi Moon AKA Lisa Bonet and her Pirate Revolution: 2013 Re-Claiming

It was great and refreshing to see Denice Huxtable AKA Lisa Bonet AKA Lilakoi Moon’s FB page on December 23rd where she announced : “I’m writing a film. With our access to these powerful media, we’re going to take over, because it’s really disgusting what is put out there now to be consumed. Stay Tuned 2013 more to come, Happy Holidays everyone.. ”

I have always wondered why those with so much access in Hollywood and television history, particularly Black people never get together to collaborate in being the change that we all say we want to see and be. What stops them from becoming the Tina Faye’s & Co’s , The Weinsteins, The Farrelly’s etc. where you write and build something with your friends and family while bringing more friends and family along for the ride to greatness? I remember  what seemed to be a Black Television and film Renaissance era, a time when it seemed like The Cosby’s , The Wayans, The Hughes, The Hudlins and even a not say stuck on hating everything without good reason Spike Lee had that undeniable stake in media /entertainment industry that could not be denied. That stake that brought a sense of real pride in not only Black America but Global Africa at a large in seeing the vision that we had the power to tell our own stories and having it become just as relative and relevant in world view as any of our White counterparts around the world.

Nowadays it just seems like we are just keeping up with the Joneses and trying to fit in where we fit in instead of having a real stake in ownership and making the pie according to our own flavor and taste. Even the almighty Oprah and the rapidly grand achievements of Tyler Perry can’t seem to revive that sense of belonging, ownership  and true stake in media and entertainment that was once undeniably felt during the period that we all wanted to bunk with Denise Huxtable and crew at Hillman and really felt “All Black Everything” was so much more than just a hip-hop hook. As I see Ava Du Vernay and AAFRM making great strides along with the African Film industry getting global recognition, I am looking forward to 2013 in welcoming that generation, my generation, our generation and the future in truly Re-Claiming what was and affirming what will be, while building from whence we left off and seemingly dropped the ball in not recognizing that we needed our unity and collaborative efforts to continue the movement from the foundation that we had been given and helped to set and define!

She called me one night and said, ‘We gotta be pirates… Women who are able to take back what’s ours spiritually, to search for treasure, and share the booty.” Her creation of the pirates has made me see that part of being an extraordinary, talented, beautiful woman comes from surrounding yourself with other extraordinary, talented, beautiful women. It’s like, “Damn ,that sister over there is bad, and if I’m in a group that she’s in I must be bad too.” -Cree Summer on how Lilakoi Moon (Lisa Bonet) created their Pirate Movement… ” Via theHotness

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