#GlobalFusionPlaylist : Always A Future in Soul Music: #FutureIcons

#GlobalFusionPlaylist #SoulMusic #Growth #FutureIcons 2013: Reclaiming!







As I had to look at the social media floating images of Nicki Minaj on all 4’s with Lil Wayne behind her promoting a song called “High School” no less-LOL-SMH…#Befitting #HigherLevels #Education. Thank goodness Marvin Gaye was the soundtrack for the day. Celebrating the day of his birth knowing that “if he or any of our icons should die tonight or any night”,  the soul will still live on generations after in continued legacy. It’s nice to have seen Janelle Monae celebrate Jimmy Hendrix with rocking sweet soul music and now Chris Brown seemingly reclaiming his destiny in his own #AfterOstend period where the world is more ready to embrace him again and he is now ready to reach back to pay homage to the sweet soul of Michael Jackson outside of any sudden death and image crisis management attachments.







Michael Jackson is yet another drum major of sweet soul that became a globally popularized music icon. #PopMusic #SoulofPop #SoulMusic. Are we holding on to or continuing our legacies by creating the proper institutions or at the very least growing the ones that were already in place, that nurtured the icons out from novices with exemplary gifts? With the right foundations, we would never have to wonder whether we would have future icon writers, poets, dancers, actors, filmmakers, photographers, activists, thinkers, dreamers and musical creators befitting and reminiscent of those gone to soon and living legends.









I actually really enjoyed Chris Brown’s candor on his power 105 interview. It was all real talk amongst laughs -#RealLife #EveryDayPeople #WeatheredTheStorm #BackToLife #BackToReality type of moment that I enjoyed, where realness is unscripted. . There’s a certain level of self-reconciliation that makes room to let yourself go, return to soul and let the music speak for itself and write the next chapter as Marvin Gaye did in his Ostend years. No matter the ups, downs and turns there is a bright future in #SoulMusic #SoulofthePeople #Icons #FutureIcons


From the Greats come the Future! So Much to Look Forward To- Way too many to count and list globally -which is great for music! All over the world the soul of music is alive from the passage of icons to the Future Icons! -….dream child… the journey is to look inside and find… #SupportFutureIcons

As the great Bill Cunninghan says in his Spring 2013 fashion covearge it’s “The globalization of fashion” -a world vision where each individual culture keeps its identity while fusing within another culture creating borderless cultures! Music and fashion cross all borders because the soul in its music and style travels globally….#DreamWorld #FutureIcons

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