Global Travel & Fashion with Alek Wek:Serving Her Royalty Right!

Supermodel Alek Wek is the epitome of global style that is authetically African to the core. The dark chocolate statuesque Sudanese beauty adds the allure of royalty to everything she wears. A true globalnista needs just the right luggage to travel in style & Alek has come to the rescue with WEK 1933 (named for the year of her father’s birth).

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Travel With Alek

The most remote place you have been?
Sudan. Sometimes we were in the middle of nowhere. I’ve been to parts of Morocco that are pretty remote, too. I had a small part in the film Four Feathers with Heath Ledger, shot in the desert seven hours’ drive from Casablanca, out in the dunes. We ate couscous under the stars.

Most hardcore experiences?
Living in a tent in Niger. There were terrible sandstorms, so we had to wrap our faces in scarves. Going on safari in South Africa was hardcore but a lot of fun – though my friend Maura was absolutely freaking out about all the bugs in her hair and having to pee in the sand.

Travel tips?
Be comfortable. Wear comfy boots or shoes on the plane. Take a shawl sprayed with a favourite scent, in which to wrap yourself. Moisturise. I use La Prairie for my face, cocoa butter for my body, Juicy Tubes for my lips, and Aromatherapy Associates lavender or jasmine oils. I love rubbing on their De-Stress oil after a shower; so soothing.

Travel rituals?
I always light a candle in my hotel room, so it doesn’t feel so foreign: a Diptyque (RED) Vanilla and Rooibos, because a percentage of the money from each candle sold goes to fight Aids in Africa. I’ve seen how just two pills can save someone’s life, so if I can buy anything that supports (RED), I do. I also read wherever I am. It might be the Dalai Lama, or something inspiring like Lighting the Way: Nine Women Who Changed Modern America, or Say You are One of Them by Uwem Akpan. The beauty of reading is that it lets you travel in a way you could never know. My iPod is always with me, too: I might play Alicia Keys, or Santana, or Norah Jones if I want something soothing, or Zairean music, such as Koffi [Olomide] , who does amazing dance music and videos. Wow, those girls can dance! Full on!

Favourite New York haunts?
Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, where there’s a great deli called Sahadi’s, with food from all over the world: big beans with feta and onions, falafel, chickpeas with chilli. Delicious. Also Layla, a boutique on Hoyt Street, where everything is hand-picked or handmade in India and Afghanistan, to help women feed their families.

Best places to eat in New York?
For brunch, Schiller’s on Rivington Street or Pastis on 9th Avenue in the Meatpacking District, for its sandwiches, its salad niçoise and the best crème brûlée in town. For dinner, I go to Japonais, on 18th Street, which serves little portions of Asian food to share with friends, and a hot pepper to sprinkle on it. And, obviously, Nobu in Tribeca.

The most romantic hotel?
The Horned Dorset because it is so private. When you walk off your balcony, you are surrounded by birds and butterflies.The Delano in Miami is pretty amazing, too: especially those deep bathtubs made of beautiful grey marble.

Best hotel rooms?
I like unique little boutique hotels, such as Blakes in London. If you’re going to stay in a big hotel, though, the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong has one of the best spas and pools. After a swim, a herbal tea and a massage, you disappear into la-la-land.

Favourite shops abroad?
The souks of Marrakesh, for mirrors and old swords. Frette in Milan for sheets. Colette in Paris, for things you don’t get anywhere else – and great European music. I bought Cadenza Classics last time I was there, and I play it all the time.

The best airline?
Virgin, because when you walk on, it doesn’t feel like you are on a plane. The crew are friendly – and you can get a massage in the air. British Airways is good, too. The seats are comfortable and I like that shutter you pull up for privacy. Read More Here

Alek Wek recently shot an amazing fashion spread for “Financial Times-How To Spend It” that truly served her royalty right. The beautiful colors of global fabrics with styling by Damian Foxe truly lived up to the name of the fashion spread entitled: Global Gathering!

Check out the full fashion Spread Here