Global Fusion Specialty :Sexy Pictures Cocktail!

On the Eve of Cinco de Mayo, which ended up being a raining cats & dogs night in New York City; I got the ladies together for a lovely Friday night cozy home pow wow to wine down from our hectic week. Needless to say on the eve of Cinco de Mayo, no one was down for a night of wine. What we ended up with was a group of ladies mezmerized by the seduction of a man named José Cuervo! That sexy Mexican brought us to a night & a drink called “Sexy Pictures”- a night when Mexican tequila reigned victorious over French wine! You may ask why “Sexy Pictures”? Well the bombastic taste of José Cuervo tequila with the sweet kiss of fresh watermelon juice had one of my sister’s head so sprung that she said “Damn! this drink is the type of drink that a man gives a woman to get her in the mood to take sexy pictures for him“! The room burst out with a laughter of agreement & sexy pictures was born & forever memorialized!

Have Yourself A Sexy Pictures Kind of Night!

The sweet taste of fresh watermelon juice mixed with the intoxicating punch of tequila balanced just right with a splash of triple sec & fresh strawberry juice, garnished with a ring of sugar & lime on the rim of your glass with a sweet strawberry & a lime wedge inside the glass, or for those of you who daringly possess a little extra fire in your soul, try a jalapeño pepper instead of the lime!

Drink Responsibly & Remember Sexy Pictures are for Private Consumption- Real Sex Appeal Always Leaves Something To The Imagination!! Enjoy!

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