BET Awards! A Sad Day in Black History!

The BET slogan or theme for the night of the awards was “Recognizing”- so I am recognizing that there were a lot of pitiful less than elevating moments in the honoring of Black music month & the passing of a legend on this show, judging from the outrage & outcry that I saw on Facebook! Comments like this :”Last night represented the end of real music and hopefully the death of BET…”

The BET Awards is the swine flu of Awards Ceremonies!by Tazz Anderson

I know I am very hard on REGGINS (If you don’t know what a Reggin is, spell if backwards), but there is a war going on outside between intelligent, educated, driven Black Americans. BET is a Reggin’s greatest weapon in their war on intelligence.
The only reason that I watched this BET Crap is because of the tribute to Michael which is all Buffoon Entertainment Television has been bragging on since Michael went into a coma! So needless to say BET struck a mighty blow for COONERY! So in order to try and fire back, I proudly present the Top 10 Reasons the BET awards made me want to vomit

10. The muth@$#% sound man

How in the world do you leave a night dedicated to (arguably) the greatest musician of the past 40 years up to someone who obviously took a correspondence course and got a D- in turning up microphone volume. Some of these performances sounded incredible to my imagination because I had to strain to hear them.

9. T-Pain

I don’t even know where to begin. This reincarnation of Stepin Fetchit not only embarassed all of us by that Waste of precious metal he calls his “BIG ASS CHAIN”. Yes I know it’s his money, but there’s a time and a place for everything, and (I know it was BET) this wasn’t it. He had a great looking Michael shirt on that no one could see because it was eclipsed by his coon medallion. Then, to add insult to injury, when accepting an award, this Buffoon decided to drink out of a plastic red cup. REALLY?!? How classless

8. Zoe Saldana

Why in the world would you go out to present an award with the legendary Nichelle Nichols (The Original Uhura) from Star Trek and embarass the very legend who paved for you by telling the WORLD that Nichelle is in the restroom? That was so classless and unladylike. Yes Zoe, you can STILL GET IT, but you need some etiquette lessons.

7. Soulja Boy

No I didn’t expect him to pay tribute to Michael Jackson, nor did I expect him to be able to SPELL Michael Jackson, but the performance was lackluster at best. No unlike the Reggins, the use of pyro didn’t distract me from how much you sucked.

6. Tiny and Toya

This is why I stopped watching Bamboozled Entertainment Television in the first place. All you have to do to be a success is let a a rapper get you pregnant and you get a reality show? Way to go BET! This is going to set us back 350 years

5. Frankie and Neffie

See Number 6, except for the fact that instead of having a baby by a rapper, One is the crack addicted mother of a lackluster (although good-looking-in-a-hoodrat-sort-of-way) R&B singer and the other is a sister who is the black version of Khloe Kardashian – sort of looks like the chick you wanna bang but she got the shallow end of the gene pool! Horrible!


I missed most of it -Thank Goodness, as I was out dancing to Michael Jackson, celebrating the birth of my JA brethren & the death of a legend ! Real Black Star POWER!

Judging just from what I saw- We could have done without the whole Lil Wayne –cursing with less than stellar intelligent lyrics with children on the stage- Really BET?! That whole Baby Boy skit with Ving Rhames tomflooery “ish” took it over the top-could have definitely done without associating Michael Jackson with guns- BET- really? Associating BET with guns is defintely an appropriate association metophorically because it’s killing our culture & community with lots of questionable backward movements instead of taking the audience forward! What does it have to take for ELEVATION! Ur people really need it at this moment in time! Just because the MTV awards did it doesn’t mean you have to do it -didn’t Michael teach you that we never copy, but we elevate the game ?! This was a less than stellar performance & moment in celeberating the legend of MJ & Black Music month!

But I also must recognize the good toward us all moving Forward! I applaud the humanitarian award to Alicia Keys & Wyclef & the mentioning of Michael being in the record books not only for his music but for his efforts toward uplifting humanity on a global level, The Ojays tribute & performance, Neyo, & Maxwell definitely made my pretty wings flutter-Glad to see him back! BET –RECOGNIZE OUR SOUL & ELEVATE!

EVERYONE-please take this commentary straight to BET- STEPHEN HILL & DEBRA LEE! Let’s bombard them with messages & e-mails until they acknowledge that we are very dissatisfied & have been for quite awhile! Enuff is Enuff-”U can fool some people sometimes, but U can’t fool all the people all the time- so now we see the light.. stand up for UR rights ” & to think that they have now brought this lack of elevation to AFRICA! God bless my homeland for Real!

Respectfully Contact BET – STEPHEN HILL & DEBRA LEE at the following

Washington, DC
1235 W Street NE
Washington, DC 20018
(202) 608-2000

New York
555 W. 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
(212) 975-4048

Los Angeles
10635 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 481-3700

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