Arise Magazine Presents:Arise Magazine Fashion Week & AFRICA’S CHANGE MAKERS: GHANA

There is no denying that Arise Magazine has stepped up the game & set the bar high for African publications looking to target global Africans by showcasing our global lifestyle & greatness. Although I have criticized it in the past for being funded by an African, while not having an African as the creative director; their dedication in showcasing the greatness & beauty of Africa is immeasurable. Hopefully one day we will have publications unabashedly from the total viewpoint, eye & perspective of global Africans with total confidence in not feeling the obligation or need to have a European heading the helm to make us look good, but until then I give Arise nothing but praises for showing the world a beautiful vision of global Africa & showing that a publication focused on global Africans can be of the highest quality in content & vision.

Arise launched many African designers who usually do not have the opportunity to showcase their designs at New York Fashion Week to much praises & applause for their visionary thinking & putting their money where their mouth is in giving a new face to Africa & its forward movement. This time around Arise has set it’s sites on evoking the idea of “Sankofa” by returning to Africa in celebration of our global African flyness & showing that our designers can showcase their fashion on their own turf & terms with the same massive international appeal & quality to once again catalyze a new visionary way of looking at & building Africa for forward movement. With the launch of  Arise Magazine Fashion Week, Arise has taken the show back to Africa , back to Lagos, Nigeria, the home of its founder, Nigerian media tycoon Nduka Obaigbena.

Arise has also chosen to spotlight & focus on the future leaders of Africa, the youth/Young men & women who make up the majority of the continent & are making strides to be heard & to take back their future from those elders who have squandered & destroyed their nations, while setting aside the youth as a second thought in building & improving the nation for the better. Africans investing in Africa for the benefit of Africans to me is the only way that Africa will move forward in permanent sustainability &  profitability because in order to have unconditional loyalty toward something for the long term, one must have a deeper rooted attachment than just making money. Arise has given the youth of Africa a new platform to make their voices heard & for this Visionary outlook on Africa-We Salute You!

In a region known for coups, stolen elections and violent rebellion, Ghana has quietly voted its way onto the democratic podium and fostered a vibrant civil society. Last year, with the discovery of generous oil reserves offshore at Jubilee Field, Ghana became a middle-income country and is forecast to be Africa’s fastest growing economy in 2011. And if not for a Uruguayan hand of God, the Black Stars would have been the first African team to make it to the football World Cup semi-finals. Expectations are super-charged…But this torrent of optimism is tempered by worries about whether the oil windfall will catapult Ghana back into the realms of corruption, nepotism and conflict. ARISE meets some of the bright young things set on stemming complacency and ensuring a better future for all.

The pidgin rapper-Wanlov the Kubolor, 30, Accra

Ghanaians call him the Prince of Pidgin. Barefoot, sporting a kikoi skirt and rapping about social and environmental problems, Wanlov invites listeners to laugh at their daily tribulations. His fan base includes the World Bank, Amnesty International and UNICEF.

I’d say I’m a social-consciousness rapper, but that’s so restrictive because then I go and do a song about some lady’s ass. I like to clown. I sometimes reflect on bad things that are going on but I don’t do foreboding. Last year I did a barefooted walk against poverty. A human-rights group asked if I would lead the procession. At that time some major oil contracts were being signed so we were doing the walk to raise awareness about how things went down in Nigeria. By dropping the album Green Card, I made myself an authority on pidgin. My opening song is 50th Dependence – ‘Ghana chop 50, dis one dier chillin, or maybe not, coz som chop hot, because of greedy, nottin 4 needy, all wanty wanty, to flaunty flaunty, police extortion, by-heart abortion’ – it’s direct but it’s playful...”

The feminist activist-Nana Darkoa Sekyimah, 33, Accra

As curator of the blog Adventures From The Bedrooms Of African Women, Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah is bringing sexy back – to feminism. But her influence extends well beyond the bedsheets – she has started a women’s empowerment group, launched a fashion empire and founded a women’s co-operative. She also manages fundraising and communications at the African Women’s Development Fund.

My primary concern is the issue of women’s rights, so that reflects on everything I do, directly or indirectly. I’m trying to create a better world for women, starting with myself and the women around me. Somebody once said to me that sexual harassment does not exist in Ghana. Yes, women face it all the time but I’ve never heard of a sexual harassment case anywhere. You’d be laughed out of the police station before you even got to court. But over time, this attitude chips away at self-confidence and makes people inhibited. It’s demeaning to know that men see you as an object – it’s a way of giving your power to other people...”


Details on Arise Fashion Week Here

Thursday March 10 2011

Press Accreditation – 9AM

Press Launch – 12.30PM

The Official AMFW Welcome Dinner/Business of Fashion Africa Conference – 7PM

Closing Music Acts – 9PM

Naeto C & Darey Art-Alade


Friday March 11 2011

Group Show – 11AM

House of Nwocha (Nigeria)

Kiki Kamanu (Nigeria/USA)

House of Farrah (Nigeria)

Viv La Resistance (Nigeria)

Group Show – 12Noon

Nikki Khiran (Nigeria)

Toju Foyeh (Nigeria)

Madam Wokies Couture (Sierra Leone)

Ejiro Amos Tafiri (Nigeria)

Double Show – 1PM

Christie Brown (Ghana)

Eki Orleans (Nigeria/UK)

Double Show – 2PM

Maki Oh (Nigeria/UK)

Buki Akib (Nigeria/UK)

Show – 3PM

Ituen Basi (Nigeria/UK)

Double Show – 4PM

Korto Momolu (Liberia/US)

Bridget Awosika (Nigeria)

Double Show – 5PM

Amine Bendriouich Couture & BS (Morocco)

Okunoren Twins (Nigeria)

Show – 6PM

Jewel by Lisa (Nigeria)

Show – 7PM

Mustafa Hassanali (Tanzania)

Show – 8PM

Tiffany Amber (Nigeria)

Closing Music Acts – 9PM



Saturday March 12 2011

Double Show – 11PM

Vonne (Nigeria)

Jil (Ghana)

Group Show – 12Noon

Jo Black Craze (Nigeria/UK)

Tsemaye Binite (Nigeria/UK)

Mataano (Somalia/USA)

Double Show – 1PM

Chichia London (Tanzania/UK)

Gert-Johan Coetzee (South Africa)

Group Show – 2PM

Lanre DaSilva-Ajayi (Nigeria)

Laquan Smith (US)

Show – 3PM

Alexander Amosu (UK)

Show – 4PM

Bunmi Koko (Nigeria/UK)

Double Show – 5PM

Eredappa (Nigeria)

Bestow Elan (Ghana/UK)

Show – 6PM

Kluk CGDT (South Africa)

Double Show – 7PM

Kemkemstudio (Nigeria)

Autumn Adeigbo (Nigeria/USA)

Show – 8PM

Deola Sagoe

Closing Music Acts – 9PM

Estelle & D’banj


Sunday March 13 2011

Group Show – 12Noon

Grey (Nigeria)

Kastle Designs & Treasure Chest (Ghana/USA)

Re Bahia (Nigeria/UK)

Zedeye (Nigeria/UK)

Show – 1PM

Odio Mimonet (Nigeria)

Group Show – 2PM

Samantha Cole (Nigeria/UK)

Angelo Von Mol (Belgium/Ivory Coast)

Pierre Antoni Vettorello (Belgium/Ghana)

Double Show – 3PM

Nkwo (Nigeria/UK)

Lola Faturoti (USA)

Show – 4PM

Gavin Rajah (South Africa)

Show – 5PM

B-Side by Wale Adeyemi (Nigeria/UK)

Show – 6PM

Xuly Bet (Mali/France)

ARISE Magazine Fashion Week Awards – 8PM


Black Coffee (South Africa)

Closing Music Act

Tinie Tempah

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