Africa/Africans are on a global rise!

mebThis was a great weekend for Africa/Africans in New York with two Africans winning the New York marathon & making marathon history. Ethiopia’s former world and Olympic 10,000 meters champion Derartu Tulu won the women’s event through the city’s five boroughs in 2:28.52 & made history as the first Ethiopian woman to win the NY marathon. Meb Keflezighi, 34, won the 26.2-mile race in 2:09:15, the first American to win the New York City Marathon since 1982. He fled his war-torn land of Eritrea with his family (he’s one of 11 children) in 1987 to Italy where he went to high school before relocating to San Diego for college. Keflezighi became a U.S. citizen in 1998. He also won a silver medal in the 2008 Olympics.

It seems there is something in the water & air of the high altitude mountains of East Africa that continues to produce runners who dominate the field of competitive long distance running. The New York marathon this Sunday kept with the tradition of East African dominance, while unifying Africa with her American Diaspora to make history. Africa/Africans are on the rise globally in every field showing that even out of war & despair, will & self determination will ultimately lead to the destination of victorious success. Africa/Africans continue to make new history for & in a new Africa, rich in leadership, natural resources & people capital; an Africa that is undeniably the Future!

Maybe it’s just my globally historical mindset at work, but I can’t help but acknowledge the irony of what seems to be an era of sorts in African reparations for taking part in the slave trade, with the son of a Kenyan elected as the first Black President in America & now an Eritrean taking on American citizenship to make history for America/African-Americans through their victories. If you want to know what the future will be get to know Africa & Africans!

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