Addressing the Division Between Africans & African-Americans

kingThe cultural divide between Africa & her Diasporan counterparts seems to be growing wider in America even with the first Black president of the U.SA. being of direct African parentage. The New York Times recently did an article on Africans in the Bronx who have steadily been on the receiving end of victimization & divisionist stereotypes from their American counterparts. I grew up in the battle between the two communities as a first generation American of Ghanaian parentage, but I didn’t realize that decades since my youth that this divide would be as strong as ever. I have heard Africans say “well Obama is part African that’s why he was able to have the type of drive & achievements to become president whereas someone like Jesse Jackson could not accomplish that because he does not have they same drive, intelligence & work ethic as an African”. I have heard African-Americans say that Africans think they are better than them & many other divisionist & hateful things from both sides instead of us realizing that we are all in this together.

When CNN does the next series of “Black In America” or better yet when BET decides to be truly a hub for the voices of all of its people, they should take a look at this divide & bring it out in the open, so we can move forward knowing that we are one people of African decent, who’s history started at the same side of the Atlantic ocean before we were divided & conquered. We need to be honest in our stereotypes & where they came from & even more honest & genuine about wanting to bridge the gap/ocean that has divided us for centuries. It seems a young man from South Africa brought the dialogue wide open on you tube when he asked should African-Americans call themselves African-Americans? This subject truly hit home for many Africans & African-Americans/Black Americans judging from the countless video responses.

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