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Can Vogue Italia’s Editor Franca Sozzani “Help them(Africans) be comfortable in their own culture”?

“It amuses her, always has, this disregard of Africans for flowers, the indifference of the abundantly blessed (or psychologically battered)- the chronic self-loather who can’t accept, even with evidence, that […]

Fashion Wars- Italy Declares Its Sovereignty & Lets It Be Known That They Are Nobody’s Puttana -Let the Best Win!

Many of us fashion folks have been caught up in the battle by Italians for their sovereignty & to have more of a say in the fashion week calender decision […]

Thanks But No Thanks: Shirley Sherrod Refuses To Be A Crumb Snatcher for the USDA

I applaud Ms. Shirley Sherrod on refusing the position given to her after she was used as yet another political pawn within a government that bi-partisanly puts politics before the […]

Halle Berry Is the First Black Woman to Appear on Vogue’s September Issue Since 1989

Hmmm, let’s see Halle Berry is the first Black woman to appear on Vogue’s September Issue since the 1989 cover with Naomi Campbell –YAWN!  Frankly I don’t  give a damn. Sorry, […]

Why Blame Vogue- A GLobal Double Standard?

I was just reading a post on Jezebel.com about how Vogue constantly uses White models on the covers of their International editions in countries that are not predominately White, i.e. […]