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Can Vogue Italia’s Editor Franca Sozzani “Help them(Africans) be comfortable in their own culture”?

“It amuses her, always has, this disregard of Africans for flowers, the indifference of the abundantly blessed (or psychologically battered)- the chronic self-loather who can’t accept, even with evidence, that […]

African Fashion’s Rise: White Mainstream Publications Celebrate while Black Mainstream Publications Wonder What’s the Fuss?

It’s interesting and oddly daunting how it seems so called mainstream magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and a few others within the past couple of years have dedicated entire spreads […]

Vogue Italia Editor Franca Sozzani Gets Introduced To Authentic African Fashion From Ghana, West Africa’s Own Kofi Ansah & WEB

With all things Africa being the “new black” in global fashion, once again Vogue Italia’s Editor in Cheif, Franca Sozzani dared to do what her counterparts Black, White or other […]

Fashionably Black: A Celebration of Global African Flyness!

It seems there’s always so much press, uproar & hoopla when some crazy ass editor lacking creativity & vision decides to geniusly put  White models in Black face in a […]

VOGUE Italia introduces Vogue Black & Vogue Curvy

As I praise Vogue Italia’s launch of the Vogue Black & Vogue Curvy websites as a step in the right direction, I also SMH that the global fashion industry still […]