Telling Our Own Stories : AfricanstoryTV, An African City and Belle

It has been said many times over in the narrative of “Africa Rising“, that the digital age is Africa’s game changer in rebuilding and rebranding a continent and its global […]

L’Uomo Vogue Presents May/June All Africa issue.

We are at the point again in Africa -post colonialism- where Africa/Africans seem to be charging forward in a new era of the wind of change that will once again […]

UHURA-Nichelle Nichols Speaks on The Legacy of the Image of Our Nation & Dr. King’s Trekky Love

92Y put on an excellent panel with pioneer women in television. In this day & age when we are once again debating the images of our nations globally, the words […]

100th Anniversary of International Woman’s Day

March 8, 2011 Marks the 100th anniversary of International Woman’s Day. Women are creators, nurturers & perhaps the least appreciated for all that they carry on their shoulders. As women […]

Still No Justice For Civil Rights-Era Rapes:From Alabama 2 The Congo The Global Injustice of Rape:Makes Me Wanna Holla Throw Up Both My Hands!

It is so sickening how politcians promise you the world when election time comes around, waxing poetic about how much power your vote will give them to get things done, […]