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When Impossible Turns To I’M POSSIBLE: Deng Thiak Adut :From Child Soldier To International Lawyer

Because we live in a world where we all benefit from one form of privilege or not, we tend to see one’s abilities based on their circumstances rather than their […]

Ataui Deng :African Women Trailblazers -More Than Just A Pretty Face

Sudanese born Ataui Deng has slowly , quietly & steadily with an all encompassing ferociousity captured the high end fashion world  from the most coveted runways , to editorials and Ad. […]

South Sudan Celebrates Independence:From United States of Africa To Lone Star States

As much as I am happy for the freedom & independence of the people of South Sudan, I am saddened by the continually dimming light in Africa of the dream […]

Sankofa & Global Immigrant Life: Alek Wek Returns To Sudan & African Immigrants Tell Their Stories From Africa To Australia

It’s beautiful to see the life stories of African immigrants being told. I give praises to the wonderful filmmakers particularly those from Africa who are telling our stories through our […]

Egypt & Ghana- African Unification or the Legacy of Egypt’s African Identity Problem?

Today the African nation of Egypt started a new path to freedom by forcing  the resignation of the 30 year reign of yet another African despot who refused to leave […]

Sudan: Africa Watches As The Dream of United States Of Africa Continues To Be Deffered

Oh Africa, When will we ever learn? When will we ever recognize our greatness & the masses who have always risen & benefitted through our demise & separation. When will […]

Africa Loses A Giant Hero-Manute Bol:RIP (October 16, 1962 – June 19, 2010)

If there was ever a man who embodied the words “Gentle Giant” it would be Manute Bol. The Sudanese born son of a Dinka tribal chief turned NBA basketball player […]