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When Impossible Turns To I’M POSSIBLE: Deng Thiak Adut :From Child Soldier To International Lawyer

Because we live in a world where we all benefit from one form of privilege or not, we tend to see one’s abilities based on their circumstances rather than their opportunities. It went viral that Black and Brown male Bard


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Ataui Deng :African Women Trailblazers -More Than Just A Pretty Face

Sudanese born Ataui Deng has slowly , quietly & steadily with an all encompassing ferociousity captured the high end fashion world  from the most coveted runways , to editorials and Ad. campaigns much like her countrywoman Alek Wek did when  she »

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South Sudan Celebrates Independence:From United States of Africa To Lone Star States

As much as I am happy for the freedom & independence of the people of South Sudan, I am saddened by the continually dimming light in Africa of the dream of our freedom fighters , who led us into Independence »

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Sankofa & Global Immigrant Life: Alek Wek Returns To Sudan & African Immigrants Tell Their Stories From Africa To Australia

It’s beautiful to see the life stories of African immigrants being told. I give praises to the wonderful filmmakers particularly those from Africa who are telling our stories through our own voices & viewpoints.

I recently was introduced to two »

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Egypt & Ghana- African Unification or the Legacy of Egypt’s African Identity Problem?

Today the African nation of Egypt started a new path to freedom by forcing  the resignation of the 30 year reign of yet another African despot who refused to leave & allow a democratic government for the people by the »

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Sudan: Africa Watches As The Dream of United States Of Africa Continues To Be Deffered

Oh Africa, When will we ever learn? When will we ever recognize our greatness & the masses who have always risen & benefitted through our demise & separation. When will we ever see that our peril & division is by »

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Africa Loses A Giant Hero-Manute Bol:RIP (October 16, 1962 – June 19, 2010)

If there was ever a man who embodied the words “Gentle Giant” it would be Manute Bol. The Sudanese born son of a Dinka tribal chief turned NBA basketball player saw his towering 7 feet 7 inches frame as »

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