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Spring 2013 Spring Hauteness: Globalization of Fashion

Spring 2013 is here to celebrate the global traveler in all of us, where everything goes and it is up to us to explore all that the world has to […]

It’s Fashion Week Again: Black & White Contrast Back In Season: The Never Ending Debate About Fashion’s BlackOut

New York fashion week has come again and as with all the globally recognized fashion weeks from London, to Paris, to Milan- it’s always the same old song with Black […]

CSR News: Italian Luxury Fashion House: Fendi Funds Rehabilitation of Trevi Fountain In Rome

Take notes global brands and fashionistas – corporate entities and fashion can help build and beautify nations eternally! With so many companies setting up CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) departments in efforts […]

Femi Bankole Osunla- Nigerian Photographer -The M.O.P & Fela’s Inside Man

“The photographs of Femi Bankole Osunla has introduced countless people to the beauty of Afro Beat as an art. His ability to capture performances and intimate moments of the maverick […]

March 2011: L’Officiel Paris Takes Beyonce Back To Her African Roots in Black Face?

Ok where do I start but to say this is getting so old that there is no way anyone including Beyonce, even if she is really dumb as rocks wouldn’t […]

Fashionably Black: A Celebration of Global African Flyness!

It seems there’s always so much press, uproar & hoopla when some crazy ass editor lacking creativity & vision decides to geniusly put  White models in Black face in a […]

Global Fusion Style : Artistic Men Who Show Their Fashionable Love for Women, Mcqueen, Ford, Tlale!

Sometimes only a man can dress a woman & most of the time a gay man does it best. For all of you heteros who wonder why so many women […]

Celebrating The Black Girls Who Taught Me How To Rock!

Reminiscing & missing the Black Star nation, I indulged in conversation with my elders AKA seniors as they told stories of the days when they lived in the same complex […]

Made In Africa: Taking Back Our Culture-Where The Fruit Meets Its Roots!

It seems that Africa in general & African designers in particular are finally realizing that culture vultureism has gotten out of control, to a point where we have blindly lost […]