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GlobalFusion Playlist: I Want To Thank You By Alicia Myers -Celebration of Global Pride and Rainbows

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Hope is a powerful weapon, and [one] no one power on earth can deprive you of“ Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

It was beautiful to wake up today to a facebook timeline filled with Thank You’s »

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2013 African Nations Cup (AFCON) Schedule: January 19-February 10

Are You Ready for Some Football? While Most Americans are preparing for the Super bowl in  the football that somehow does not use the foot; Africa/Africans are set to meet in South Africa for their own Super bowl of the »

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Global Fusion Playlist: Afro-Europe’s Global Soul -Ones To Watch : Y’akoto, Joy Denalane & Emeli Sandé,

As we go thru Europe to find the soul of music being brought by the Daughters of Yaa sprinkled all over the world in warrior queen goodness, our passport in global fusion leads us to make a stop in Germany »

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu Turns 80 & Continues To Champion Peace While Taking & Calling Names

Today Archishop  Desmond Tutu of South Africa turns 80 without missing a beat in his deep love for humanity & betterment of man & in his feisty fire to challenge the wrongs of our humanity.  As two African women »

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Global Fusion Style : Artistic Men Who Show Their Fashionable Love for Women, Mcqueen, Ford, Tlale!

Sometimes only a man can dress a woman & most of the time a gay man does it best. For all of you heteros who wonder why so many women love & covet their gay male friends …well it’s for »

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Who Is Your Person Of The Year? Did Africa Have Any Good Influence in the World in 2010?

At the end of each year magazines & media outlets like People, Time , Barbara Walters etc. name their list of most influential people of the year or person of the year. Many of us may or may not agree »

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Global Fusion Playlist @ The Movies: Africa United Trailer

Africa United is a great showing of African film that is a far cry from the usual Nollywood style overly dramatic tribal & love telenovelas AKA soap operas. We can debate on what constitutes an African film whether it is »

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Moments in Global Fusion: Africans Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop:Cape Town’s ‘Ghetto Ballerina’ lands U.S. Scholarship

As much as the world is rushing into Africa in a new global scramble for Africa. Africans are also bringing their authentic flavor to the world at large. As Nigerian Recording artist Nneka says “I am here to Africanize »

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As I watched the documentary the “Promised Land” on PBS a few weeks ago, I was reminded how there needs to be a global dialogue on the worldwide divide, infighting & wars over land; whether it is Palestinians »

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You Know You’re American When You Make Comments Like This : Vuvuzela drone killing World Cup atmosphere?

You know you’re American when you  call football ,soccer & make comments like this : Vuvuzela drone killing World Cup atmosphere?

Whaaat?  With all the World Cup excitement & historical moments  occurring right before the eyes of the world this »

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