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Dishonoring The Queens: Ghana Black Queens Protest For Wages After Delivering the Nation Its First All Africa Games Championship

Ghana’s Black Queens are the 2nd most successful African women’s team behind Nigeria. They have qualified for the Women’s World Cup 3 times and qualified for 9-10 African Women’s Championships […]

Haiti’s Football Boys Bring the Type of Pride, Hope & Joy that Money Can’t Buy & Earthquakes Can’t Shake!

As Wyclef Jean continues his protest through music for being denied his much to do about nothing unconstitutional run for Haiti’s presidency, which seems as if it has taken over […]

Mario Balotelli: Ticking Time Bomb or Undiagnosed Identity Crisis?

Many know Mario Balotelli as the now 19 year old Inter-Milan striker dubbed “Super Mario” for his superb talent on the football field, but do many know his true story […]

Women’s Under 20 World Cup Finals: Nigeria’s Women Prove That The Pride & Future of Nigeria Rests With Them!

With little fanfare & no national broadcasting in the USA, unless you are one of the few who know the internet sites to catch it on, very few may know […]

BLOOD OR BIRTH:How One World Cup Defeat Sent A Nation’s True Colors Blazing!

First & foremost let me give all praises due to the Black Star Nation that fought & earned their win against the USA fair & square as we like to […]

Ghana’s Historical Wins Are Always A Win For Africa!

“For the rest of eternity, this will never change, the first African nation to win a game in a World Cup hosted in Africa is & forever will be- Ghana […]

You Know You’re American When You Make Comments Like This : Vuvuzela drone killing World Cup atmosphere?

You know you’re American when you  call football ,soccer & make comments like this : Vuvuzela drone killing World Cup atmosphere? Whaaat?  With all the World Cup excitement & historical […]

When Will Africans Ever Profit From Africa? Will the World Cup Screw Africa?

2010 World Cup-Come to Africa & have some delicious authentic Cheeseburgers & Budweiser as you watch the world game- Huh? Many Africans & the world at large should be puzzled […]

African football: It’s More Than Just A Game: Kehinde Wiley Puts Football on Canvas with Puma!

Puma,the trend setting athletic footwear brand, continues to think out of the box while setting the trends for all to follow. In celebration of the upcoming World Cup, to be […]

African Football: It’s More than Just A Game.

2010 is the beginning of a new decade which many Africans are hopeful will be Africa’s decade in forward movements & newly found respect on the global stage. Africa, South […]