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James Barnor : Ever Young -The Long And Steady Road To Recognizing An African Photographic Icon

 #MCM #MotivationMonday … I was surprisingly introduced to the work of Iconic Ghanaian Photographer James Barnor  in 2011 while attending an NYU Black Photography Symposium. His image of Marie Hallowi […]

Getting To Know Legendary Ghanaian Photographer James Barnor

Before the image of African global chic came in the form of Arise Magazine, there was DRUM Magazine -the most widely read fashion and culture magazine in Africa during the […]

Jay Z: DECODED: Grown Men Do Grown Things!

I have been very critical of Jay Z for awhile now because of what I saw as some shady suspect moves, like the way he totally undercut Damon Dash out […]

Africa: See You, See Me! Photo Exhibit -Global Tour

Africa See Me, See You! is a photography exhibit curated by NYU‘s Director of Africana Studies &  Tisch School’s Associate Professor of Drama, Dr. Awam Amkpa. In efforts to create an […]

Premiere Photographer Malick Sidibé -The Eye of Bamako- A Look at African Art Beyond Wood Carvings

Africa continues to WOW the world in a new renaissance that dips into the past to taste the future! African art is finding its global voice & redefining the genre […]

Lyle Ashton Harris showcases “Ghana” African Art comes to the Contemporary World at CRG Gallery in Chelsea, New York City!

African Art is more than just wooden sculptures & NYU-Ghana professor & artist, Lyle Ashton Harris showcases how African art is moving & evolving in the contemporary world. My Alma […]

Stanley Lumax – Stoneface Photography

G Fuser Profiles! Stats Name: Stanley Lumax Current Global Location: Brooklyn, NYC I rep for: Ewe’/Ga, Plainfield, NJ, Brooklyn, NY My Global Fusion: Photography Down with : www.stonefacephotography.com