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Stella Damasus Blasts Nigeria’s Under-Age Marriage Law And Calls out 1st lady Patience Faka Jonathan To Stand Up As The Mother of The Nation

In most of Africa, we refer to the wives of our presidents as the “mothers of the nation” not the 1st Lady. We grant the wives of our presidents the […]

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns With The Looming Question: Is The Catholic Church Ready For A Black Pope?

Pope Benedict XVI decided to resign today on February 11th due to fatigue and ill health, becoming the first pontiff  to resign in six centuries. He will officially step down on the […]

ROOTS: Alexander Murray Palmer Haley and Other February 10 Black History Making Moments

 “In all of us there is a hunger, marrow-deep, to know our heritage- to know who we are and where we have come from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is […]

Africa’s Top Ten countries with fastest internet speeds: The Black Star Nation Of Ghana takes 1st Place

While CNN’s news reporter Christiane Amanpour was having a good time comparing the light off situation at the recent super bowl to the plague of constant light offs in Africa; she […]

Wunmi From ALA (African Living Abroad) To The Future of the Global African Supershero

If there is a time more than ever when our little girls need a supershero from Africa to her Diaspora..it surely is Now. Issues from colorism, racism, sexism & all […]

BET AWARDS 2011: Bringing Back American Soul Music & Missing the Boat on Truly Representing Global Blackness

As much as most people love to hate on BET or we, Black folks worldwide seem to have a love/hate realtionship with ourselves & those who we pay & are […]

From Disney To Harvard : Smart Black Girls Rock!

Hearing the horror of the rape statistics of young girls & women in the Congo & the deafening cries of how high unemployment & deplorable school systems are affecting the […]

Arise Magazine Presents:Arise Magazine Fashion Week & AFRICA’S CHANGE MAKERS: GHANA

There is no denying that Arise Magazine has stepped up the game & set the bar high for African publications looking to target global Africans by showcasing our global lifestyle […]

Are African-American Investors Missing the Boat On the New Global Scramble for Africa?

Imagine a Magic Johnson Theater in Nigeria,Ghana or South Africa, the nations leading the boom in the African film industry? Imagine going to a news stand in Africa & seeing […]