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DD172/Dash Gallery -Tribeca NYC- Nude Photography Exhibit

The founding father of Roc-A-Fella Records, Damon Dash has opened an art gallery in the Tribeca neighborhood where he lived long before Jay Z made it his own & declared himself the King of New York.

Dash Gallery AKA DD172, »

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Gentrification:New Yorkers Fed Up & Not Going To Take It Anymore

Brick By Brick, Wall by Wall New York City is for Us All“[Audio clip: view full post to listen]The issue of gentrification is nothing new to New York or most of the world. Did you know that where »

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A Look at Classic New York City:Fun city revisited the Lindsay Years

I want to start a crusade to basically dump the brain drain of cable television with its high prices in honor of a resurgence & celebration of the history & education that seems to be getting lost, yet feverishly pushed »

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Lyle Ashton Harris showcases “Ghana” African Art comes to the Contemporary World at CRG Gallery in Chelsea, New York City!

African Art is more than just wooden sculptures & NYU-Ghana professor & artist, Lyle Ashton Harris showcases how African art is moving & evolving in the contemporary world. My Alma mater, NYU, continues to make me proud with their efforts »

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Eden Spa

Eden Day Spa
one of the largest day spas in New York at
8000 square feet.
388 Broadway NY.NY 10013

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