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Barabás Lőrinc Ends His World Tour In New York

Freshly off of his European Tour, Barabás Lőrinc took America by storm with a three week tour covering Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City. The classically trained Hungarian […]

Wunmi From ALA (African Living Abroad) To The Future of the Global African Supershero

If there is a time more than ever when our little girls need a supershero from Africa to her Diaspora..it surely is Now. Issues from colorism, racism, sexism & all […]


The global economic crisis has created opportunities for many people while many more who were holding on by a thread are being annihilated in a dog eat dog ,survival of […]

C’Mon LeBron! Does The King Have An Empire State of Mind?

After the show of lack of respect for Africa/Africans/African Teams during the world cup coverage, Lebron James signing with my New York Knicks is the only thing that can possibly […]

Project Woodhaven: Rally To Save The Woodhaven Library

I am really starting to lose hope in politicians in general. It seems no matter how much they champion change for the betterment of the people whether it be in […]

NYU Continues it’s Global Take Over!

As someone who had my global mindset nurtured at NYU, I am ecstatic that my alma mater continue to open global campus to spread the global New York learning & […]

Sneaker Pimpin’:Another DD172 Collabo-Adidas Unveils Exclusive New York Summer Rod Lavers

Adidas got New York cool kids, taste makers, style influencers & sneaker pimps ready for summer with an event at DD172 (Dash Gallery),  showcasing the brand new strictly for New […]

HIP-HOP Is Not Dead Series:The History of Rap Intro

“Hip-Hop: We come from Ruins but we are not Ruined“ This is not only a great story of hip-hop’s evolution, but also a great story of New York’s evolution as […]