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GlobalFusion Playlist: I Want To Thank You By Alicia Myers -Celebration of Global Pride and Rainbows

#GlobalFusion #Playlist #IWantToThankYou #SaturdayKindofLove #CelebratingTheBeautyOfRainbows “Hope is a powerful weapon, and [one] no one power on earth can deprive you of” Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela It was beautiful to wake up today […]

Pope Benedict XVI Resigns With The Looming Question: Is The Catholic Church Ready For A Black Pope?

Pope Benedict XVI decided to resign today on February 11th due to fatigue and ill health, becoming the first pontiff  to resign in six centuries. He will officially step down on the […]

Naomi Campbell: Slapped with Subpoena for Receiving Blood Diamonds from Charles Taylor: Is Any Black Woman Worth The Protection Of So Called Honorable Men?

“ It’s easy to get bedazzled by the spectacle of tempestuous supermodel Naomi Campbell testifying against a power-hungry dictator about a pouch of mysterious blood diamonds delivered in the dark […]

Without Winnie would we be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s freedom? Winnie Mandela: The Forgotten Hero & Freedom Fighter!

I decided to write this piece after seeing this picture, shot for the Associated Press by Schalk van Zuydam, of Winnie Mandela sadly looking on as her ex-husband, Nelson Mandela, […]