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Can Vogue Italia’s Editor Franca Sozzani “Help them(Africans) be comfortable in their own culture”?

It amuses her, always has, this disregard of Africans for flowers, the indifference of the abundantly blessed (or psychologically battered)- the chronic self-loather who can’t accept, even with evidence, that anything native to him, occurring in abundance, in excess, »

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Naomi Campbell: Slapped with Subpoena for Receiving Blood Diamonds from Charles Taylor: Is Any Black Woman Worth The Protection Of So Called Honorable Men?

It’s easy to get bedazzled by the spectacle of tempestuous supermodel Naomi Campbell testifying against a power-hungry dictator about a pouch of mysterious blood diamonds delivered in the dark of night by some henchman long after the other guests »

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Moments in Africa’s True Global Fusions: Bamboo Bike Collaboration Between Ghana & USA & Russia Elects Its First Black Politician.

Global Fusion for me is our global interaction, commonalty & connections fused into globally local beneficial respect & progress. Below are two wonderful examples of that.

Whereas Africans/Africa has always been “green” in utilizing its natural resources by making due »

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I Heart Naomi- Naomi Campbell Unmasked on Oprah

I have always loved me some Naomi, flaws & all because I had always seen myself in her beyond just our shared skin tone. She not only represented the beauty of brown skin, but had that innate exterior Black »

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