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Global Fusion Playlist : What’s Going On By Marvin Gaye

Classics are decided by the times and the people. Imagine a world without Marvin Gaye and What’s Going On! Never!!! This album was rejected by Barry Gordy (Mr. Motown), but now […]

TEENA MARIE…LADY T..SOUL’S PORTUGUESE LOVE..RIP (March 5, 1956 – December 26, 2010)

Teena Marie is by far amongst the greats of Soul Music Icons, a little fire cracker who let her talent speak for itself instead of being stereotyped as just another […]

Global Fusion Playlist: Noisettes -Never Forget You( Live )

As many sit down & complain about the lack of good music on mainstream radio, all I can tell them is have you heard the Noisettes? If not maybe you […]