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“The Black Struggle & Having To Do Twice The Work To Get Ahead”- Danger of a Single Story Narrative for Black Americans Sets America Backward Instead of Forward In Change

When are we as a people including our first Black President  going to stop burdening our future on the narrative & symbolism of the constant “struggle” of Blacks to always […]

January 17,2011- Celebrating Our Greatness-Muhammad Ali, Patrice Lumumba, Martin Luther King Jr., Michelle Obama

Today is a glorious day of remembrance in Global Black History, celebrating the lives of those who showed us how to live with our heads high as kings & queens. […]

Africans On The Rise: Nigerian Designer Bunmi Olaye Commisioned By Firts Lady Michelle Obama?

With confidence & a plan anything can happen! Bunmi Olaye, the Nigerian born English designer of the Bunmi Koko label is the embodiment of that truth to power as she […]