#GlobalFusionPlaylist : Always A Future in Soul Music: #FutureIcons

#GlobalFusionPlaylist #SoulMusic #Growth #FutureIcons 2013: Reclaiming!             As I had to look at the social media floating images of Nicki Minaj on all 4’s with […]

Global Fusion Playlist :Miles Davis – Human Nature – R.I.P. Michael Jackson

One can only imagine the celebration in heaven today as Miles gets on his horn & Michael comes in the his sweet soulful vocals & electrifying dance moves! ♥ ♥ […]

Michael Jackson-Rest In Power of the Groove!THE KING OF POP (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

Can’t believe it’s been a year already! MJ is forever with us glorified & unmasked -We Celebrate & ♥ U Michael! Last year at this time there were daily celebrations […]

Global Fusion Playlist:The King Meets the President In Africa:Michael Jackson & Fela Kuti

What a great idea to create a compilation of two of the greatest who touched our hearts, minds, bodies & souls with the beautiful gift of music! Although this is […]

Global Fusion Playlist:Ain’t no sunshine – Michael Jackson

This is by far one of Michael Jackson’s best songs ever. The genius prodigy of music was in him from way early-truly anointed! REst In Power MJ. “You ever want […]

We Are The World Re-Make -Really?

I can’t believe I am saying these words, but for the first time in my life I must say Jay Z speaks for me. He is very on point on […]

2010 Grammy Awards Show – Showing that the State of Music is More Fluff Than Substance

The Grammy has become another one of those well established institutions resting & existing on past merits, significance and importance-representing the epitome of internal & external politricks & being out […]


Happy New Year Globalnistas & Global Fusionistas! Salute 2 a New Decade & New Beginnings! AFIHYIA PA , felice anno nuovo, gelukkige nuwe jaar, Boldog Új Évet!, an nou fericit, […]


The MTV Awards the other night basically made me reminisce over “The I Want My MTV ” era that I grew up with. I actually remember a time before MTV- […]

BET Awards! A Sad Day in Black History!

The BET slogan or theme for the night of the awards was “Recognizing”- so I am recognizing that there were a lot of pitiful less than elevating moments in the […]