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The Pursuit Of Peace : Mental Health Wellness

This is the first blog I have written on this Global Fusion Productions site in almost a year because the upkeep, the money put into it and the constant back and forth dealing with others to work on it just »

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2012: Breaking Out Of The Conditioning of Our Condition Mind, Body & Soul-It Takes A Village Not Only To Raise A Child But Also A Family & a Nation!

If 2011 did anything, it made it very clear to me that we are in a state of emergency, where we really have to get our houses in order as individuals, as families & as nations. As the late great»

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Donny Hathaway R.I.P. (October 1, 1945 – January 13, 1979):Unveiling Mental Illness in the Black Community

As I remember Donny Hathaway today & everyday, as I remember a lovely songbird named  Lalah Hathaway who had to grow up without her father like so many who never expected to be part of the statistics, as I »

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