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Infrastructure Made in Africa : Ozwald Boateng A Designer’s Mission

With Italian luxury designers like Fendi rehabilitating the Trevi Fountain in Rome & creating a new era of cultural philanthropy  with other design houses like Deisel also leading the charge, […]

Made In Africa: Taking Back Our Culture-Where The Fruit Meets Its Roots!

It seems that Africa in general & African designers in particular are finally realizing that culture vultureism has gotten out of control, to a point where we have blindly lost […]

Made In Africa: Protecting The African Textile Industry!

As Nigeria, Africa’s richest & most populous nation embarks on its 50th Anniversary of Independence on October 1st , Nigerians & the rest of Africa should stand up to their […]

Africa on the Rise : By the People for the People

When Africans say “Africa is the future”, it is not just words & fantasy, rather a destiny manifested thru the will and determination of everyday people determined to seek opportunity […]