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#GlobalFusionPlaylist : Always A Future in Soul Music: #FutureIcons

#GlobalFusionPlaylist #SoulMusic #Growth #FutureIcons 2013: Reclaiming!             As I had to look at the social media floating images of Nicki Minaj on all 4’s with […]

Global Fusion Playlist: My Ipod Shuffle Rocks Series

Oh how my i-pod shuffle Rocks! It has come to be a sort of pet who gages your mood & always delivers accordingly by giving you exactly what you need. […]

Global Fusion Playlist: Janelle Monáe (feat. Big Boi) TightRope Official Video

“Dancing has long been forbidden for its subversive effects on the residents & its tendency to lead to illegal magical practices” “TightRope” -the collaboration between Janelle Monáe & Big Boi- […]