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CSR News: Italian Luxury Fashion House: Fendi Funds Rehabilitation of Trevi Fountain In Rome

Take notes global brands and fashionistas – corporate entities and fashion can help build and beautify nations eternally! With so many companies setting up CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) departments in efforts […]

Fashion Wars- Italy Declares Its Sovereignty & Lets It Be Known That They Are Nobody’s Puttana -Let the Best Win!

Many of us fashion folks have been caught up in the battle by Italians for their sovereignty & to have more of a say in the fashion week calender decision […]

A Disgraceful Week In Global Race Relations!

It is only Tuesday & already it has been a horrible week in global race relations. As the saying goes “give people enough time & they will eventually show you […]

Africa: See You, See Me! Photo Exhibit -Global Tour

Africa See Me, See You! is a photography exhibit curated by NYU‘s Director of Africana Studies &  Tisch School’s Associate Professor of Drama, Dr. Awam Amkpa. In efforts to create an […]

Mario Balotelli: Ticking Time Bomb or Undiagnosed Identity Crisis?

Many know Mario Balotelli as the now 19 year old Inter-Milan striker dubbed “Super Mario” for his superb talent on the football field, but do many know his true story […]

Anti-African Immigration Riots in the West & East as Westerners & Easterners Flock to Africa for Resources-When & Where Will Africans Find Their Freedom?

The past couple of years have seen more & more Africans brutalized & murdered in Italy & other Western & Eastern nations under the guise of anti-immigration & racism. In […]