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Dishonoring The Queens: Ghana Black Queens Protest For Wages After Delivering the Nation Its First All Africa Games Championship

Ghana’s Black Queens are the 2nd most successful African women’s team behind Nigeria. They have qualified for the Women’s World Cup 3 times and qualified for 9-10 African Women’s Championships […]

The Beautiful Game and Its Deepening Scar of Racism: AC Milan VP uses racist term for player Mario Balotelli

& So it continues- all around the world same song. Mario Balotelli AKA Super Mario is no stranger to racism, particularly from his fellow Italians who have made it well […]

2013 African Nations Cup (AFCON) Schedule: January 19-February 10

Are You Ready for Some Football? While Most Americans are preparing for the Super bowl in  the football that somehow does not use the foot; Africa/Africans are set to meet […]

Asmoah Gyan Announced as Permanent Captain for the Ghana Black Stars

As I read Asmoah Gyan’s acceptance statement for the permanent captaincy position of the Ghana Black Stars Team, all I could think was- oh how publicists never get any praise. Who […]

Black Stars @AfricaCupofNations + Giants @SuperBowl in an Election Year…Back Down Memory Lane

2008 was the year, the full circle year of transition played out in the fantastic realities of my life & the sports teams of the two nations of my birth […]

Ghana’s Black Stars & Nigeria’s Super Eagles: From The World Cup To The Super Bowl

By now most Americans are preparing for the national pastime football championship of the Super Bowl that is equivalent to the world’s national past time football championship of the World […]

The Beautiful Game Recognizes Africa’s Giants- Eto’o & Gyan

On December 20, CAF (Confederation of African Football ) named Samuel Eto’o as African footballer of the Year for the 4th time, beating out World Cup standout player- Asmaoh Gyan & […]

New Africa -The Future of Sports Beyond Football

As the newscramble for Africabrings in foreign investment foragriculture, natural resources, telecoms etc., Africa with a continent that has a majority of young people under 25 who are seeking global […]