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Ujamaa: Cooperative Economics :Legacy of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Pan-Africanism

2013: ReClaiming  : On this the fourth and middle day of Kwanzaa, we celebrate Ujamaa, Cooperative Economics. Let us strengthen our resolve to build and maintain our own stores, shops and […]

Lilakoi Moon AKA Lisa Bonet and her Pirate Revolution: 2013 Re-Claiming

It was great and refreshing to see Denice Huxtable AKA Lisa Bonet AKA Lilakoi Moon’s FB page on December 23rd where she announced : “I’m writing a film. With our […]

Celebrating The Future -Ghana @ 55-Daughters of Yaa Asantewaa Rising! Ones To Watch in 2012

In honor of Ghana’s 55th year of Independence and women’s history month we honor and celebrate the daughters of Yaa Asentwaa- the image makers and global African powerhouses representing the […]

Marley -Finally Debuts at Berlinale

As Bob Marley said “I don’t come to Bow, I came to Conquer “. After so many changes in direction, directors & dates in order for the Marley family to […]

A Look Into Global African History-Lena Horne On Like It Is With Gil Noble

Who better to teach you to believe in stormy weather than Glinda The Good Witch AKA Ms. Lena Horne. This past Sunday the weather was atrocious with the highest level […]

Global Fusion Playlist:@The Movies:We Rock Long Distance-Documentary Film

This is amazingly brilliant- we have to get back to valuing the teachings & history that comes live & direct from our elders, which no history books have nor can […]

The Global Fusion Playlist @ The Movies :Vanishing Seeds! Rebekah Frimpong-Black Star Rising!

Black Stars continue to rise globally staying true to Ghana’s national slogan of Forward Ever, BackWard Never! Ms. Rebekah Frimpong: Filmmaker/Poet/Mentor/Activist is a Global Fusionist that you will be sure […]

The African Film Industry & Nollywood-The Little Engine That Could:The Growing Billion $ African Film Industry

The African film industry led by Nollywood (Nigerian film Industry) is a multi million to billion dollar industry that has been slept on by most of the world, but has […]

Gabriel Noble – P-Star Rising

[slideshow id=27] Name:  Gabriel Noble Current Global Location: Brooklyn I rep for:  the Bay Area always- though I am a Brooklyn resident My Global Fusion is:  Direct-Produce-Shoot-Empower.  I tell stories […]