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Infrastructure Made in Africa : Ozwald Boateng A Designer’s Mission

With Italian luxury designers like Fendi rehabilitating the Trevi Fountain in Rome & creating a new era of cultural philanthropy  with other design houses like Deisel also leading the charge, […]

Spring 2013 Spring Hauteness: Globalization of Fashion

Spring 2013 is here to celebrate the global traveler in all of us, where everything goes and it is up to us to explore all that the world has to […]

Ujamaa: Cooperative Economics :Legacy of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Pan-Africanism

2013: ReClaiming  : On this the fourth and middle day of Kwanzaa, we celebrate Ujamaa, Cooperative Economics. Let us strengthen our resolve to build and maintain our own stores, shops and […]

L’Uomo Vogue Presents May/June All Africa issue.

We are at the point again in Africa -post colonialism- where Africa/Africans seem to be charging forward in a new era of the wind of change that will once again […]

What Exactly Is New African Fashion?

I attended the panel discussion on Helen Jennings‘s book “New African Fashion” at the New York Public library the other night. As a great fan of Ghanaian designer Mimi Plange […]

Fashion Wars- Italy Declares Its Sovereignty & Lets It Be Known That They Are Nobody’s Puttana -Let the Best Win!

Many of us fashion folks have been caught up in the battle by Italians for their sovereignty & to have more of a say in the fashion week calender decision […]

Grace in Your Face!

Like the legions of many, I am a Grace Jones fan. There’s just something about Grace Jones that makes you shake your head & want to say “you go Bitch”, […]

Black Stars Past & Present :Free Trade & Sankofa:CHIEF ALFRED SAM & Adwoa Adu

Thanks to the Thoughts of The Ghetto Intellectual, I have been put on to two more natives of the Black Star nation of Ghana who represent our past & future […]