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2013: Israel Showcases its Move Toward Diversity: Israel Crowns Its First Black Miss Israel and First Black Parliamentarian

By now most of the world has heard the news or maybe not since this has received very limited global media attention outside of specific internet outlets, that Israel started […]

Anti-African Immigration Riots in the West & East as Westerners & Easterners Flock to Africa for Resources-When & Where Will Africans Find Their Freedom?

The past couple of years have seen more & more Africans brutalized & murdered in Italy & other Western & Eastern nations under the guise of anti-immigration & racism. In […]

Africa/Africans are on a global rise!

This was a great weekend for Africa/Africans in New York with two Africans winning the New York marathon & making marathon history. Ethiopia’s former world and Olympic 10,000 meters champion […]