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When Impossible Turns To I’M POSSIBLE: Deng Thiak Adut :From Child Soldier To International Lawyer

Because we live in a world where we all benefit from one form of privilege or not, we tend to see one’s abilities based on their circumstances rather than their […]

Electing A Woman President 2016 : Making History in USA and Ghana : Hillary Clinton and Samia Nkrumah

2016 will bring another major election in possibly making national history in my two nations, USA and Ghana. I don’t feel the same vigor in excitement as in 2008, but […]

Blackimation: Adamu Waziri,Lebron James & Reginald Hudlin Taking Black Animation Beyond The Boondocks

Yesterday was a good day because with the world seeming to be falling apart at the seams with the hardest hit being nations & cities with majority Black populations, we […]


When we say “Never Forget” -Let’s Actually Mean It! Haiti is no longer in the global headlines but Haitians are still waiting for a hand up & to rise up […]

Global Greatness: Black Teen Students Build Solar Plane, Education Becomes A Global Priority & 33 Chilean Miners Reach Their Freedom!

Don’t just tell young people that the sky is the limit , Show Them! What started out as a story of Barrington Irving, a Jamaican American who became the youngest person […]


I didn’t start out as a John Legend fan because I found him to be awkward & not well developed in his stage presence when Kanye first introduced him to […]

Makes Me Wanna Holla Throw up Both My Hands! The Education Gap & N word usage up 4 Debate again in the Black Community!

I was on twitter the other day & saw Russell Simmons Tweet about an article he wrote for Global Grind entitled: Lockdown, USA vs. GradNation: We Have A Choice To […]

The Biggest Super Bowl Loser: Black Children:Wake Up Black America! You are Failing Your Children!

I am beyond flabbergasted, disgusted & ashamed of my fellow Black Americans in our continual disregard & failure to live & teach by example when it comes to our children. […]

African-Americans on the Rise -The Stories We don’t hear!

“Black folks need legacy. We have to have examples of successes in order for us to be able to let the generations to come know that many of the successes […]

The Slow Slide of Our Youth: Are We Really Paying Homage To Lil Wayne’s Styrofoam Cup?

Lil Wayne’s Magical Styrofoam Cup This article was sent to my e-mail today from the Global Grind & all I could do was shake my head in disbelief of just […]