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GlobalFusionPlaylist #RatRace #BobMarley + #Lucifer #Nneka

Every narrative and musing should have the perfect soundtrack. The soundtrack for today’s #GlobalFusionist #Narratives is Bob Marley’s Rat Race and Nneka’s Lucifer ! Today is Veteran’s Day in America, […]

Nester (Messenger) Robert Marley’s Mum- Cedella Booker

As we honor the messenger on the 31st anniversary of his transition from earth to home going- leaving the world to carry on the teachings of love and freedom, and […]

Marley -Finally Debuts at Berlinale

As Bob Marley said “I don’t come to Bow, I came to Conquer “. After so many changes in direction, directors & dates in order for the Marley family to […]

Africa For Africa -From Africa With Fury: Rise -The Legacy of Fela Anikulapo Ransome Kuti

If this isn’t the time for the legacy of Fela Anikulapo Kuti to shout out Africa for Africa & to come out of Africa With Fury & Rise, then I […]

Global Fusion Playlist:Buju Banton Triple Play 4 Our Global Times: Destiny, Politics Time Again, Untold Stories

It seems Nina Simone‘s words “An artist’s duty is to reflect the times. how can you be an artist & not reflect the times?”,  needs to be heralded more than ever […]

Global Fusion Playlist:@The Movies-” Marley “- the Bob Marley Documentary

“The opening shot of the film will feature a tour of Cape Coast Castle, a fortification in Ghana that contains the infamous “Door of No Return” through which many Africans […]

Global Fusion Playlist :Bob Marley And The Wailers- Chances Are Studio 1 Classics

When Bob Marley sang “I’m a soul rebel”, he literally meant it in the fact that his early recordings with the Wailers leaned toward the sound of Soul, Jazz,Blues & […]

Jamaica & Ghana One Blood -One Language? Kromanti Language of the Jamaican Maroons Similar To Akan

I have always understood that Jamaicans are descendants of enslaved Africans from West Africa & Ghana in particular, but I never realized just how similar our roots run hundreds of […]

Global Fusion Playlist:Bob Marley – Wake Up And Live

“life is one big road with lots of signs so when u riding thru the ruts don’t u complicate ur mind..wake up & live y’all -wake up & live now..rise […]

Haiti:Where is the Aid-The New Decade of Pan-Africanism-Rewriting Black History & Reclaiming Dignity through Economic Health & Viability

Billions have been raised so far in charitable donations for Haiti, but more & more Haitians are dying every day after surviving being buried alive in years of poverty & […]