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In Search of A Better Ghana :Ode To President Mahama & Ghana

  Dear President Mahama, I remember when I first took notice of you as the new Vice President of Ghana, a young, intelligent thinker who saw and represented the future […]

Immediate Release: Menaye Donkor -Model, Actress, Philanthropist & Sulley Muntari- AC Milan/Ghana Black Star Footballer IN NY/PHILLY from Feb. 26-29th For Ghana Vs. Chile Exhibition Match

Menaye Donkor Muntari-  former Miss Universe Ghana 2003, Model, Actress, Philanthropist & Sulley Muntari- AC Milan /Ghana Black Star footballer will be in New York on February 26-29th for the […]

Mario Balotelli: Ticking Time Bomb or Undiagnosed Identity Crisis?

Many know Mario Balotelli as the now 19 year old Inter-Milan striker dubbed “Super Mario” for his superb talent on the football field, but do many know his true story […]

BLOOD OR BIRTH:How One World Cup Defeat Sent A Nation’s True Colors Blazing!

First & foremost let me give all praises due to the Black Star Nation that fought & earned their win against the USA fair & square as we like to […]

Ghana’s Historical Wins Are Always A Win For Africa!

“For the rest of eternity, this will never change, the first African nation to win a game in a World Cup hosted in Africa is & forever will be- Ghana […]


Is it me & just the die hard Black Star fans or did Milovan Rajevac show Ghana complete disrespect as the Black Stars made history on Sunday at the World […]

Ghana- A Tribute to Love,the Black Star Nation & my Black Star Dreams!

For me Africa , Ghana in particular, will always represent my beginning & my future. As I go back to my beginnings to reach out for my future, I realized […]

Ghana Proclaims Another Historical First: Ghana Ski Team to debut in the Winter Olympics

The first word that probably came to mind for many of you was huh? when you first heard the announcement, Ghana Ski Team to debut at the 2010 Winter Olympics […]

What does Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s Legacy in Ghana & Africa Mean To You-Will There Ever Be A United States Of Africa?

As we head to 2010, the year when the global game of Football will be held on African soil for the first time, with Ghana’s under 20 Black Satellites leading […]

The Ghana Chronicles 09-The Journey- The Volta, Tamale, Kumasi, Cape Coast

20 GREEN CARD AGAIN (PR_ BOSCO)August 2009 [slideshow id=32] “Have Patience with all things but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in discovering your own imperfections, but […]