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“The Black Struggle & Having To Do Twice The Work To Get Ahead”- Danger of a Single Story Narrative for Black Americans Sets America Backward Instead of Forward In Change

When are we as a people including our first Black President  going to stop burdening our future on the narrative & symbolism of the constant “struggle” of Blacks to always […]

Obama Tells Blacks to ‘Stop Complainin’ and Fight”-Sunday News Headlines & The Aftermath- Heard It All Before!!

The president just had the same type of audience today as he had with the CBC to address issues of Latinos in America. I couldn’t help but to acknowledge how […]

Thanks But No Thanks: Shirley Sherrod Refuses To Be A Crumb Snatcher for the USDA

I applaud Ms. Shirley Sherrod on refusing the position given to her after she was used as yet another political pawn within a government that bi-partisanly puts politics before the […]

The Biggest Super Bowl Loser: Black Children:Wake Up Black America! You are Failing Your Children!

I am beyond flabbergasted, disgusted & ashamed of my fellow Black Americans in our continual disregard & failure to live & teach by example when it comes to our children. […]