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Africa Rising: African albums to watch out for in 2013

With the world’s hot love affair with the African continent, African artists are slowly becoming a force to reckon with globally. The sounds of Africa are once again becoming the soundtrack […]

Osibi -Ghana’s Hi-Life & The Roots & Culture of Global African Music

It should be no surprise to anyone that the roots of music came from Africa, but many still deny Africa of her contribution to the world, civilization  & the many […]

Honoring & Taking Heed to the Words, Life & Stories of our Elders!

Being a Ghanaian, you are raised from birth to honor your elders & to seek their wisdom. Somewhere  down the line of generations & forced & desired travels many of […]

Africa on the Rise : By the People for the People

When Africans say “Africa is the future”, it is not just words & fantasy, rather a destiny manifested thru the will and determination of everyday people determined to seek opportunity […]