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BEASTS OF NO NATION: The Danger of Africa’s Single Story

A few weeks ago I found myself in a terrible state of mourning my beloved grandmother. A woman who was the matriarch of my original village of Black girls who […]

Telling Our Own Stories : AfricanstoryTV, An African City and Belle

It has been said many times over in the narrative of “Africa Rising“, that the digital age is Africa’s game changer in rebuilding and rebranding a continent and its global […]

Global Fusion Playlist @ The Movies: Africa United Trailer

Africa United is a great showing of African film that is a far cry from the usual Nollywood style overly dramatic tribal & love telenovelas AKA soap operas. We can […]

Africa on the Rise : By the People for the People

When Africans say “Africa is the future”, it is not just words & fantasy, rather a destiny manifested thru the will and determination of everyday people determined to seek opportunity […]