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Lilakoi Moon AKA Lisa Bonet and her Pirate Revolution: 2013 Re-Claiming

It was great and refreshing to see Denice Huxtable AKA Lisa Bonet AKA Lilakoi Moon’s FB page on December 23rd where she announced : “I’m writing a film. With our […]

The Oscar Narrative & The Lack of Black Responsibility

It seems every single year since I have been old enough to be interested in watching the Oscars, I have heard the same narrative from Black America talking about lack […]

Sun Dancing In Honor of Angela Davis’s Birthday & Other Black Women Warriors!

As Black history & women’s history month come consecutively in February & March , I started thinking of the many global African shero warriors-the ones who are well known & […]

Who Is Your Person Of The Year? Did Africa Have Any Good Influence in the World in 2010?

At the end of each year magazines & media outlets like People, Time , Barbara Walters etc. name their list of most influential people of the year or person of […]

Made In Africa: Taking Back Our Culture-Where The Fruit Meets Its Roots!

It seems that Africa in general & African designers in particular are finally realizing that culture vultureism has gotten out of control, to a point where we have blindly lost […]

The African Film Industry & Nollywood-The Little Engine That Could:The Growing Billion $ African Film Industry

The African film industry led by Nollywood (Nigerian film Industry) is a multi million to billion dollar industry that has been slept on by most of the world, but has […]