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Africans in China : YAPs Made in China

While we are used to hearing about China taking over Africa, we often hear little to nothing about Africans exploring their destiny in China. From African migrants who have made China their home for decades-owning businesses and raising a new »

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Are African-American Investors Missing the Boat On the New Global Scramble for Africa?

Imagine a Magic Johnson Theater in Nigeria,Ghana or South Africa, the nations leading the boom in the African film industry? Imagine going to a news stand in Africa & seeing African editions of Essence, The Source, Vibe or »

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Mobile Communication: Africa’s Game Changer: Western Union & MTN Partner to Benefit Rural African Communities

Africa once blacklisted by many global businesses & corporations refusing to do business with the continent & refusing to allow credit card transactions to or from Africa/Africans because of the ills of a few that somehow managed to justify stereotyping »

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