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Are African-American Investors Missing the Boat On the New Global Scramble for Africa?

Imagine a Magic Johnson Theater in Nigeria,Ghana or South Africa, the nations leading the boom in the African film industry? Imagine going to a news stand in Africa & seeing […]

A Global Call To New Generation Africa: If This Country Burns, We Burn With It – Kuweni Serious

Africa is the Future That Africans Must Fight For! “There’s a difference between the one who rents a house  & the one who owns a house. The one who rents […]


2010 was Africa’s year in all of its good & bad with the eyes of the world on the continent. As the world continues to keep its eyes on Africa, […]

Wale Tinubu: Africa is ‘most interesting frontier’ market right now

If you are a follower of this blog site , then you already know that Africa is quickly leaving the eyes of the world as the dark continent to shinning […]

Made In Africa: Taking Back Our Culture-Where The Fruit Meets Its Roots!

It seems that Africa in general & African designers in particular are finally realizing that culture vultureism has gotten out of control, to a point where we have blindly lost […]

Open For Business:The Scramble for Africa :The First & Last Frontier- Expats & Cooperate Giants Looking For Their Piece of the Pie

By Now we all have seen the new global scramble for Africa & its resources. From agriculture to minerals, fashion, film making & technology- it seems everyone is in search […]