Can I Get Custom Made Pieces from Sold Out Products  or Any Products Available On The Site

At PGF we are all about the Hauteness! We offer custom services via skype consultation or e-mail. Contact Us and let’s see what we can do exclusively for you!

How Can I Be A PGF Colloborater or Featured Designer:

PGF (Product of Global Fusion) was created based on the idea of collaborating with creatives, designers and artisans globally.

PGF Presents : Featured Designer/Artisan : A designer who has created pieces  Exclusively or Non-Exclusively for PGF that we market and sell online and to our retail partners. Product is placed in Glocal Collections category with PGF Presents Lable.

Non Exclusive = Designers will have to come package ready

Exclusive = PGF will work with designer to create packaging for the product

PGF BY : Featured Designer/Artisan will collaborate with PGF on exclusive product from design concept to production to point of sale. Product will be placed in Signature Collections category.   All Signature Collections collaborations are 1 offs.

Glocal Collections: Local Designers/Artisans who we source, curate and buy products from for our online shop and our retail partners exclusively as PGF private label. Any designer/artisan anywhere around the world is local to us because at PGF we are Glocal (Globally Local).

Does PGF Sell Wholesale

Most of our Signature Products are 1 offs to preserve the exclusivity of our customer base; however we do offer wholesale custom pieces exclusively for our retail partners.

How do you pick Charity and Grant recipients 

At PGF we are all about giving back but wisely. We are not traditionalist in giving but our idea of traditional giving is different than most because we adamantly believe in the Akan Proverb  of “it takes a village”. We are a part of a Glocal (Globally Local) village. We let the rest of the world take care of the big charities like the Red Crosses of the world as we like to focus on those who are under the radar with no budget for big fundraisers because they are too busy using every penny to do the work globally and locally. We like to work exclusively with small scale hands on charities and everyday people in need of grants to complete dream projects that fall in line with our Each 1 Teach 1 mission to teach & keep history alive & evolving through the arts. Specifically: fashion, music, design, writing, film, photography & multimedia. We dedicate a portion of proceeds from collections or specific products to a chosen charity or grant recipient either  quarterly or annually. We also give the people the power to give by deciding if they will take a % discount on product or give that % to our chosen charity/grant recipient. We allow our customers to be directly involved in giving and we don’t judge them if they choose to take the discount and run!

i.e.: A portion of proceeds from The Yaa Asantewaa Collection will be dedicated to the PGF founder’s two nations and specifically two towns: New York and Awukugua. In New York it will go to Sandy Relief  giving and in Awukugua it will go to writing and filming the history of one of the oldest towns in Ghana, West Africa so that future generations will be able to know first hand accounts of their own her/history.

How Can I be Down With the PGF Sabbatical Movement

The PGF Sabbatical Movement offers free room and board in Ghana to those we have specific skills that they can teach and share with our work shops in Ghana. Currently looking for seasoned pattern makers, technical designers, textile designers and production managers  who can teach classes in Ghana. Please e-mail us for more info.