Waiting For Saviors Outside Ourselves: Wake UP Call To Global Africans

Today is President Obama’s 50th birthday – a celebration of a half a century of life in freedom, a freedom celebrated in years that are a little less than the one celebrated by many nations in Africa in 2010. I look at where he is today & recall the days when he was the beacon of hope & change that we could believe in not only in America, but also for the future of Africa because Africans saw him as a native son that could,would & did. I recall the days when his words were the sermon of what could & would be à la Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. & Dr. Kwame Nkrumah -the type of great leaders & orators of global Africa & all poor & forgotten people of the world who saw hope through the type of love that came through action.

The Time is always right to do what is right…Our loyalties must transcend our race, our tribe, our class, and our nation and this means we must develop a world perspectivMartin Luther King Jr.

Today the global celebrations & light of President Obama‘s presence & words as the light of hope for the future has dimmed as stats of joblessness amongst Americans, particularly Black Americans is disproportionately higher than all others in the nation with the economic disparity between the poor & rich at new highs. President Obama has become the president who stood up before the world to see in the Black Star Nation & promised to be Africa’s partner  in economic freedom as his administration shutdown their commerce office in Ghana due to domestic economic hardships , while leading the way to an imperialist regime change war with Libya cloaked in Libyan liberation & he became the man who gave the OK to murder Somali pirates when other nations refused to do so in a nation that has now fallen back into famine with an estimated 29,000 lives already lost with total blame going to mother nature & the western labeled al Qaeda-linked group al-Shabab, without any personal responsibility by the worldwide governments & corporations who use Somalia’s resources without any compensation & take advantage of a nation without any recognized system of government since 1991 – the time of the US invasion which Hollywood scripted to the world as Black Hawk Down & then followed up by supporting Ethiopia to take on the lost battle against Somalia!

Obscenely named “Operation Restore Hope,” U.S. and “allied” troops invaded and occupied Somalia in the early 1990s, bringing a reign of terror. The occupation came to an abrupt end shortly after the “Battle of Mogadishu,” when Somali fighters shot down two U.S. helicopters, and thousands of Somalis attacked downed U.S. troops. Eighteen U.S. troops were killed, and 84 wounded… “Read More

With the entrance on the world stage of President Obama -the global people’s choice- came  a glimmer of hope that somehow the world would be more fair with a man whose mere being represented all parts of the world in a global fusion, at the helm in leading the heralded super power of the free world. It seems everyone but ourselves has to come to the aid of global Africans. Today it is all over the news about how Mayor Bloomberg, who in his third term has finally realized that he needs to put his money where his mouth is in giving young Black & Latino men who are disproportionately imprisoned & jobless a fighting chance to survive & to be productive citizens of his city. Once again Bono, the One Campaign & all the usual NGO suspects have come out to speak for Somalis & to call for & collect aid for the horn of Africa to save them from themselves. They have come once again to show Africans through ourselves the living proof that we need them to show us the way to our survival because we just can’t seem to get it right on our own.

Unfortunately we will always have these problems because we have become mind bunglingly dependent on others to always come to our aid without our own think thanks, governments & everyday people barely ever addressing the solutions to the problems until we are in crisis & wait for the great white or western hope to once again spray us with money with contingencies & futile promises until the next time. Where’s the African Union & Africa’s billionaires stepping up to the aid of Somalia & the many African nations & children who really need Africans in totality to wake up & get it together for the good of the continent’s future? Where is the so called HIP-HOP Nation that has become a global power in its self– stepping up & thinking to save the young Black & Latino boys/men who created her & used to love her, before Mayor Bloomberg  came along or at the very least stepping up now to match what he is doing?

The so called hottest record out right now is “Otis” which speaks of how much riches two Black Men have, hailing from two cities who need investment in opportunities for the future of young Black men & women the most. They speak on how everything can be bought, so why not buy our future by filling it up with people who know that they are the one’s who are- as Fela says “Expensive Shit” – mind, body & soul- not the material possessions they covet & often risk their future & lives for.

Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is in an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.” —Frederick Douglass

The administration of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, in a blunt acknowledgment that thousands of young black and Latino men are cut off from New York’s civic, educational and economic life, plans to spend nearly $130 million on far-reaching measures to improve their circumstances. The program, the most ambitious policy push of Mr. Bloomberg’s third term, would overhaul how the government interacts with a population of about 315,000 New Yorkers who are disproportionately undereducated, incarcerated and unemployed.To pay for the endeavor in a time of fiscal austerity, the city is relying on an unusual source: Mr. Bloomberg himself, who intends to use his personal fortune to cover about a quarter of the cost, city officials said. A $30 million contribution from Mr. Bloomberg’s foundation would be matched by that of a fellow billionaire, George Soros, a hedge fund manager, with the remainder being paid for by the city…” READ MORE

We march against police brutality 1 death with no consequences after another except another dead Black future, we rally & pay speakers & leaders to tell us about our problems calling for more rallies & paid speaking engagements- as we continue to be one of the highest consumer spending groups without ever thinking to spend that money on giving our children a better future through preventive measures in opportunity. All around the world it seems to be the same song for Global Africans!

WE Global Africans Are Expensive, even if everyone else thinks we are Shit!

This is not a wake up call of doom & gloom for Global Africans, but rather a wake up call to see the light ahead for the future & to not sit on the sidelines constantly waiting for others to come to our aid in perpetuating the centuries old global stereotypes that Global Africans always have to be saved from ourselves. If President Obama is the president of ALL OF AMERICA then he can act & speak of the disproportionate poverty, joblessness & needs of Black America just as much as he can speak for the rights of gays & other minorities in our broken & eroding union of partisan tomfoolery. If President Obama is the so called president ambassador to the world deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize who can stand up for Israel’s right to sovereignty, freedom & security then he can also stand up for the Middle East & Africa’s right to the same.

Many in the nation & around the world who needed the hope that President Obama represented are now experiencing some buyer’s remorse, but I believe there is time to be the change he promised & to leave a renewed long term legacy like many African nations celebrating their half century of freedom that starts from this new half century mark & going forward by recognizing, as Bill Maher stated, that he has to stop worrying about coming off as the stereotypical angry Black Man by endlessly trying to compromise & appease those who will never vote for him no matter what he does because it is a lost cause for people who will either see him as the angry black man who has to be tamed or the weak black man who they have tamed into doing as they say. President Obama needs to do himself a favor by flipping the script & being the upright man who he said he is by acting on the convictions & promises that he not only made to the American people, but also to the world who celebrated & welcomed him as the man who would finally bring change instead of more of the same.

Saving America is the job of President Obama, Congress & the American people collectively & saving Africa is the job of African presidents,Parliaments & African people collectively. America’s government needs to get out of its own way & the world needs to get out of Africa’s way to reach its potential. Rwanda has shown what that type of future can be in the so called dark continent with good governance, true freedom in sovereignty with no master, juxtaposed with the will of the people to put in the work & to take the reigns to their future when they are presented with opportunity; while the self proclaimed super power of the world’s capital, Washington, DC with a large forgotten Black majority continues to live worse than some so called third world nations without their basic right to representation for taxation.

I read the story of an African journalist who on her visit to DC & Kigali told the stories of the two capital cities with global African majorities. I couldn’t help but to think that America must wake up because the so called super power, beacon of democracy & the American dream type of promise land jig is up. The world is watching & seeing just how much the mighty can fall & how things fall apart in a system of bad governance, greed ,corruption & racism/tribalism/separatism with overzealous powerful corporations & churches calling the shots in government- things that were once seen as ills of third world nations which held them back, but now have been exposed live to the world as running the same muck in the so called first world, holding them back from the democracy & dream that they once blindly sold to the world.

The cities are known. One, is very well known; Washington in the District of Columbia, capital city of self acclaimed world’s greatest country. Daily, millions flock to D.C. in search of remarkable sights. Tourists are often seen navigating the narrow, exclusive parts of town; without their knowledge, barred from sighting the real Washington D.C. Very wide open to the public are the government offices, historical sites, museums, archives, and man-made attractions. But, tourists must not be allowed to tour the greater part of South East, and parts of North West Washington D.C, or Chocolate City as its Black majority population would rather it be called…Welcome to Kigali, Black man’s cleanest capital city; a city synonymous with death in modern world history. From Kigali in 1994, orders were issued that mandated the elimination of ten percent of the population, the minority Tutsi. At the end of the blood chilling exercise, one million Tutsi and moderate Hutu men, women and children lay dead. The entire country and particularly the capital city was unfit for human habitation. Corpses at various stages of decomposition littered the narrow, potholed and dusty streets. Skulls, femur, tibia, fibula and other skeletal remnants – scraped clean by dogs – lay here and there. Thousands of homes were burnt down, government offices, hotels and hospitals had been raided and looted. Several technocrats, academicians, public intellectuals, civil servants, entrepreneurs had been murdered. Kigali was a dead city in 1994. Western interests, who watched unconcerned as the killings of black people who have neither oil, gold nor diamond to purchase their souls lasted, wrote off the country as finished. In Rwanda today, the black man feels human and proud to be associated with his people. It must be made clear, that it was not the penance-like pouring in of money by the “repentant” West that built Rwanda, but the discipline, tenacity and ability to live above seeking vengeance on the perpetrators of the genocide. As much aid has poured into the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Kenya, but these countries are nothing compared to what Rwanda is today.…” READ MORE

As I read this story above it made me realize that we continue to not give Africa & Africans just due praises in recognizing & celebrating how far many of our nations have come, as much as we harp on how much further we need to go. It was hard to decipher if the writer’s black DC description & the constant reference to Africans in America as children of slaves was not being peppered with the inner workings of the stereotypes we all have about one another as global Africans on all sides of the Atlantic. The writer’s description of DC sounded much like the descriptions of African nations that I have heard from many African descendants in the Diaspora in the past,whose perception of  an unknown Africa or a one time visit to African nations reflect, as they profess to never want to go in the first place or wish to never return, but now an African has flipped the script with her reflection.

We seem to be once again at a cross roads in our global disconnect where we do not recognize our global economic struggles for freedom as one collective global African problem, the type that was once recognized  with a movement called Pan-Africanism as the blueprint toward forward moving solutions. The type of solutions that birthed freedom for many African nations &  fought for Civil Rights for Black America & other imperialist ruled nations of the African Diaspora, while springing up a global African cultural renaissance in shared history & progress. Where are we now, those that are still living & were at the front-lines of Pan-Africanism & those of us who are the children & beneficiaries of  the progress that was made from it?

While Jews with their different sects & tribes seem to come together to showcase their grasp of  power & nation building through direct investment in the birthright of their youth ,by setting up foundations to pay for kibbutizm retreats to Israel that give every Jewish child around the world- rich or poor an opportunity to set foot on their recognized motherland, in order to connect with their past history to attain a sense of belonging & responsibility in continuing to build on it for the future from the ground up; global Africans have somehow forgotten or  have set  aside our responsibility to Africa that was once part of the blueprint of Pan-Africanism.

We have gone from true activism to apathy in just getting by & trying to just keep the little that we have in a state of being hopelessly just too damn sick & tired of being sick & tired to often care to fight anymore. Whether we like to admit it or not many of us have become distracted in the great black hope of President Obama to even have the type of civil discourse amongst ourselves in demanding for the type of changes & rights to freedom that Frederick Douglas once spoke about, as if Malcolm X & Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. couldn’t & didn’t co-exist in collectively bringing us to where we are today, being able to have a Black man whose DNA runs thru both America & Africa as the leader of the free world; just the same way as many outside of the Black community have become too distracted in stopping their perceived great black hope from achieving any type of greatness even if it is for the common good of America & the world, & even if it brings their own self-destruction.

If there is no struggle, there is no progress..those who profess to Favor Freedom and yet depreciate agitation, want crops without plowing up the ground, they want the ocean without the awful roar of it’s many waters…Power concedes nothing without demand.” Fredrick Douglas-1857

The quick & successful turn around in progress & growth of places like Brazil  & Rwanda during a global recession should not only be an example for Africa or Latin America, but also for “Chocolate Cities”  & nations all around the world. As the world was looking to President Obama for hope &  concrete change that they could believe in, perhaps we should have all been looking at President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil- a shoeshine boy from a nation with the largest population of Africans outside of the African continent, who has set the modern day blueprint on building a nation from third world status to a first world economic powerhouse,  & President Paul Kagame of Rwanda who collectively have shown through real action & concrete opportunity just how nations can rise from turmoil, poverty, internal conflicts  & foreign aid dependency into recognized nations at the forefront of our global economy who have produced change for the better & the type of self sufficiency that comes through innovation void of unproductive politics.

BRAZIL is famous for stunning beaches, carnivals and great footballers.But now the world is going nuts for something else – the country’s ECONOMY. In just ten years, the South American nation has been transformed into a financial powerhouse. The new kids on the economic block came of age over the weekend. The so-called BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – were given more voting rights and seats at the International Monetary Fund, the organisation that oversees the global financial system.This marks Brazil’s emergence on the global stage. Bumper oil reserves and a booming agricultural sector mean the country’s economy could be bigger than Britain’s in five years. The economic revolution is feeding national confidence – Brazil is hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. Ruth Lea, economic adviser to City stockbroker Arbuthnot said: “Brazil has done terrifically well. It just shows how the power in the world economy is shifting…” READ MORE

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