Open For Business:The Scramble for Africa :The First & Last Frontier- Expats & Cooperate Giants Looking For Their Piece of the Pie

By Now we all have seen the new global scramble for Africa & its resources. From agriculture to minerals, fashion, film making & technology- it seems everyone is in search of their piece of the African pie. With global economic downturns it seems to be sheer irony that the only light at the end of the tunnel toward a brighter future would be found in what has been dubbed the dark continent. This directly speaks to the innate survival nature of Africans to be able to not only live but to thrive against all odds by any means necessary. Expatriates are choosing to return to their homeland in record numbers, recognizing that the grass is not always greener as they forego their European & American dreams. What was once seen as the African “brain drain” with Africans leaving the continent for higher education & employment opportunities has now manifested into what is seen as Africa’s “brain gain” bringing back newly formalized skills & talents to help build a new Africa.

Across nine African countries and a journey of 7,000 miles from Mali to South Africa, from Ghana to Ethiopia, the story was often the same. Africans were returning from working or studying abroad either for patriotic reasons or because of the growing opportunities back home…” Read More Here

Manufacturing & developing a “Made in Africa” label nation by nation that cuts across global boundaries is still lacking, but many expatriates have returned to Africa & are at the forefront of the “Made in Africa” movement.

Technology & the digital age has become the catalyst in Africa that is quickly leveling the playing field for marketing & trading between Africa & the world at large. Perhaps no other industry has benefitted more from new technology than the African film industry.
It’s a paradox. As cinemas close across Africa, homegrown blockbusters are actually eclipsing Hollywood on the African market as for the first time in 13 years an African feature competes for the top award at Cannes…Yet cinemas across the continent are pulling down screens, converted to pentecostal churches, night clubs or warehouses…”Read More Here

The multi-million to billion dollar entertainment industry with makeshift studios producing music & films being produced & distributed on shoestrings budgets has brought the world a new taste for a new Africa that they never knew existed outside of stories of war, disease & famine.

Africa as a whole is open for business but as Liberian Activist,Kimmie Weeks says
Imagine if every young person on the continent of Africa stood up against corruption, it would end and our lives would be better even without international aid or intervention. We can do it ourselves.
We still have a long way to go to reach our full potential, but with the rise of each African taking their leadership responsibility & the new energy from young Africans for change & desire to achieve a better life at home, we will surely get there!

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